The triumph of trump: does the billionaire rivals in the presidential race

Without intrigue – the Democrats

Former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton won seven of the eleven States where on Tuesday, the Democratic party conducted the primaries. She left for Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts, Alabama and Arkansas. Her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, could become first only in Vermont, which he represents in the Senate, as well as in Colorado, Oklahoma and Minnesota. Now the advantage of Clinton over Sanders in the total number of delegates who will support her at the July Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, became overwhelming: 1000 vs. 371 (543 Clinton support regular delegate and 457 of the so-called superdelegates — highest party functionaries, who can vote, not aware of the outcome of primary elections in the States).

As in South Carolina for a week and a half before that, the Clinton victory ensured the voices of black and Latino voters, primarily in the southern States. There she received a two-fold advantage over Sanders. Support for Clinton from ethnic minorities can play a key role in the November presidential election, notes The New York Times.

Clinton emphasizes his role as “the candidate of all Americans” and in his public speeches. “This country belongs to us all and not just to people who look one way, profess the same and even think the same,” said Clinton on March 1, speaking to supporters.

On the eve of the vote, the campaign consultant Clinton Jeff Berman (in 2008 he worked at the headquarters of Barack Obama) said in an interview with Bloomberg that the victory of Clinton over Sanders will be a fait accompli by mid — March, after preliminary elections will be held in Florida, Illinois, Missouri and several other States.

Despite the strong leadership of Clinton, Sanders has no plans to withdraw from the electoral race. But analysts don’t see significant prospects. “If Sanders will continue to fight, rather his role will focus on the transfer of a message, it will not look like a candidate with an action plan, which it plans to implement”, — said the publication Politico by a former campaign Advisor to Barack Obama, Ben La Bolt.

Sanders himself, speaking to his supporters in Vermont, made it clear that the goal of his campaign — not so much to become President, how much to give the course “political revolution”, to start a broad movement for reform in health and education.

The bogeyman for Republicans

As it was shown on the eve of the polls, the billionaire Donald Trump, counting on the Republican nomination, managed to take the upper hand in most of the 11 States where there were pre-election. Trump has bested its main rivals, senators from Texas and Florida Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, in seven States (Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Massachusetts, Vermont, Alabama and Arkansas). The billionaire lost to competitors only in Minnesota, where he showed the weakest result in the course of the campaign (third place with 21.2% of votes), in the “home” for Cruz of Texas, in Oklahoma and in Alaska.

After “super Tuesday” it became clear that the only Republican candidates who can do the Trump defeat, is not Rubio, who enjoys the support of the party establishment, and Cruz. On account of the Senator from Texas is one of the main surprises of “super Tuesday” — the win over trump in Oklahoma (pre-election polls had said about the significant advantage of a billionaire in this state). It is now clear that in July the Republican national Convention in Cleveland Cruz will support the delegate 161 (trump — 285, Rubio — 87). For Rubio “super Tuesday” was a failure: only one win in Minnesota.

Win the trump in such different electorate States like Alabama and Massachusetts, attests to its growing potential to become in the end a presidential candidate and that his campaign “went beyond regional and ideological barriers that in recent years formed the Republican party,” observes The New York Times. For trump willingly voted white conservatives, often low-income, and “churched” Christians are evangelists. But, as specifies the edition, in the polls trump’s supporters are followers of a given ideology, they share one thing — a deep dissatisfaction with the state of Affairs in the country and the conviction that someone encroaches on their way of life.

Who will win?

Even if trump becomes a candidate for the Republican nomination in the General election, his chances against Clinton are insignificant, the adviser said the former presidential candidate Jeb Bush Tim Miller to Bloomberg. “The Donald’s campaign in the General election will fail even bigger than the failure of his business in the mortgage and the production of steaks. Hillary Clinton overcome him, even if will be campaigning from prison,” — said Miller. It’s a reference to a failure to trump’s business projects due to the fact that the day before the famous comedian John Oliver devoted an entire transmission withering criticism of the billionaire, including its business initiatives. The trump in its propaganda manipulates the image of a successful businessman.

Senator Cruz, speaking to supporters in Stafford (Texas), said that while in the Republicans there is no single alternative to the Trump, so the way a businessman to approve a presidential candidate free. “It would be a disaster for Republicans, conservatives and for the country as a whole”, — said Cruz.

While polls give Clinton a slight advantage over trump. According to the aggregated results of the research gathered by the portal Real Clear Politics, if in November, Americans will have to choose between these two politicians for Clinton will vote to 46.5% of voters, and trump was 43.5%.

However, as analysts say, some votes from Democrats in the elections in November may delay the independent candidate Michael Bloomberg, the campaign which should commence in March. “Bloomberg will help you become a Republican President, it will take far more votes from Democrats than Republicans, and I think it can be a decisive factor,” — said the TV channel Fox political analyst Charles Krauthammer.