To do his job honestly and a major reorganization. Bright quotes Gorbachev

To do his job honestly and a major reorganization. Bright quotes Gorbachev

The second March only President of the USSR and Nobel peace prize laureate Mikhail Gorbachev celebrates its 85th anniversary. The most important and ambiguous statements known to the world as a leading innovator in the material.

MOSCOW, 1 Mar. The second March only President of the USSR and Nobel peace prize laureate Mikhail Gorbachev celebrates its 85th anniversary. The most important and ambiguous statements known to the world as a leading innovator in the material.

The essence of perestroika

“Each in his place must do (their job) in good faith (and) honestly, that’s the whole makeover! And then everyone says “what is perestroika?”, “what is perestroika?” To do his job honestly — chief restructuring!”

23 April 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev announced the beginning of the reform program under the slogan “accelerating socio-economic development of the country”, and later from the lips of Gorbachev himself called “perestroika”. The CPSU Central Committee changes the party: instead of “building communism” there now, “improvement of socialism”. The country declared a policy of glasnost, legitimized private entrepreneurship, foreign policy proclaimed “New thinking”. According to many, these revolutionary changes have given impetus to the beginning of the collapse of the USSR, at the same time, Gorbachev himself has always stated that the changes were inevitable.

“It had to go. Any question take: property, publicity, husband and wife, or a woman and a man. All this and all that we have touched upon, is Gorbachev to blame for everything. And so it was impossible to stay,” the politician said in the program “Hero of the day without a tie” in 1998.

About anti-alcohol campaign

“I told you: it’s time for our citizens to come to the conclusion – so shamelessly walk, not to feel sorry for ourselves or loved ones is unacceptable.

On may 7, 1985 was published the Decree of the CPSU Central Committee “on measures to overcome drunkenness and alcoholism” and the Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers №410 “on measures to overcome drunkenness and alcoholism, the elimination of home brewing”, which marked the beginning of anti-alcohol campaign in the country. As a result of restrictive measures, the consumption of alcohol declined, but sharply increased the production of surrogacy, which led to cases of mass poisoning – drank eau de Cologne, tincture pharmacy, and actually any alcohol-containing liquid. However – and this criticism of the anti-alcohol campaign is often overlooked — it is in this period, mortality began to decline, and life expectancy increase.

Later in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev recognized that the anti-alcohol campaign was carried out “with overlap” and mistakes: I Think that the anti-alcohol campaign was still a mistake in the form in which it was held. It overlaps with the closure of stores, particularly in Moscow. A huge queue. <…> It was necessary not to carry out a campaign, but systematic long-term struggle with alcoholism. The sober up of the society cannot be conducted on impulse. This takes years”.

On the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan

“The fact that we introduced our troops in Afghanistan, was a political error that is associated with the ideological approach to international politics, which in those years professed Soviet Union. The attempt to impose someone else’s model of society a country with deep traditions, always doomed to failure,” said first President of the USSR in 2004.

The fall of the Berlin wall, “Actually that matured under the roof of the “cold war” and was soon referred to as globalization broke – figuratively speaking – through the rubble of the Berlin wall on new horizons acquired an additional velocity, a new sweep. Began to form a new international system… And how we develop and manage its drivers – that’s another story, is far from over. The elimination of the Berlin wall served its purpose… and in a timely manner,” wrote Mikhail Gorbachev in an article for the newspaper Financial Times Deutschland in 2004.

About the world after the cold war

“The collapse of the Soviet Union, his departure from the world political arena immediately changed the whole situation in the world, the balance of power, and many have a temptation to fish in troubled waters. That the world is not ordered by chance, which was opened by perestroika, new thinking, the end of the cold war, all my fault,” he said at the conference “Restructuring. 20 years Later” in 2004.

About US policy after the cold war

“The cold war has ended, we completed it, and this is a common victory of all peoples. As the Americans say: “How so? We won! We won! We won, we won in the cold war. We!”, — emotionally first President of the USSR told about the American attitude toward the end of the cold war in an interview with TV channel RT.

“Fuck you, enjoy, if you want, so to speak. But it turns out that once the Americans won, then they conclude and publicly say, “We don’t need to change anything. We won, the world is at our feet. Why do we need to change something? Nothing needs to be changed. We are the right policies”. And the most extreme, so to speak, the thing – they started to offer a new sverginare, a super Empire. America wants to rule the world ball”.

“You can negotiate, if there is faith, trust to each other. Was trust, and we managed it. And then this Empire. The Americans have lost. All attempts to create one-sided, unipolar world, that’s nonsense, it’s nonsense”.

About the crisis in Ukraine and U.S. media: “that Is the American way to shift responsibility. Press they will provide. Prove God knows what. What jumped out devil you know, will prove, if necessary,” so Gorbachev answered the question the leading RT Sofiko Shevardnadze, why the US blaim the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis on Russia.

About “third world war”

“Many believe, and then I close to them that the civil war is already underway. The third world war is already underway.

Shoot already. And nuclear. Weapons of mass destruction is used. The tremendous growth of spending, money on armaments. This is what then led us to the fact that we were on the edge of the abyss…,” said Gorbachev on the TV channel REN-TV on the eve of his 85th birthday.

The main achievement of his political career

“The restructuring. And all that goes with it. <…> Despite the fact that it was broken, was not brought to the end… Freedom, transparency, freedom of travel abroad, freedom of religion. <…> Finally, weapons. People just sighed. All because, generally speaking, around the world, especially in the developed world, in Europe and in America, digging for shelter from nuclear war that might break out at any moment. It’s all been done. Over.”

On political beliefs

“I’m in this case with Jesus Christ. He was the first socialist we have. There is nothing to be done”,- Mikhail Sergeyevich answered the question about his political beliefs in an interview to the program “Results” in 1997.