Lavrov: attempts to accuse Russia of “revisionism” does not stand up to scrutiny

Lavrov: attempts to accuse Russia of “revisionism” does not stand up to scrutiny

MOSCOW, March 3. Accusations of “revisionism” in Russia, it is assumed that the decisive role in world Affairs could only play Washington, this approach is not tenable. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in article “Historical perspective of Russian foreign policy” for the journal “Russia in global politics”.

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“Russia in the Western propaganda it is now be accused of “revisionism” in the supposedly available to us the desire to destroy the existing international system, as if we bombed Yugoslavia in 1999, in violation of the UN Charter and the Helsinki final act, he said. Like Russia ignored international law by invading Iraq in 2003, and have perverted the resolution of the UN Security Council, in evicting by force the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya in 2011″.

As the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, “discussion of “revisionism” does not stand up to scrutiny and are based essentially on a simple to primitive logic, suggesting that “call the shots” in world Affairs today can only be Washington.” “In accordance with this approach it turns out that on the international level has moved formulated by George Orwell the principle: everyone is equal, some more equal than others”, he added.

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As pointed out by the Minister, the world is undergoing major changes. “The main feature of the present stage are rapid changes in all spheres of international life…,’ he said. – In fact, the second edition of globalization (the previous wave happened before the First world war) led to the dispersal of global economic power and, accordingly, political influence, to the emergence of new major centers of power, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“On this background, one can perceive, as they say, as a “medical fact” the multiplicity of development models that exclude the dull monotony in the single – West – the coordinate system”, – said Lavrov.

In conclusion, the Minister pointed out that Russia does not seek confrontation nor USA nor with the EU or with NATO. “Continue to believe that the best way to ensure the interests of the peoples living on the European continent, would be the creation of a common economic and humanitarian space stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, so that the newly formed Eurasian economic Union could become an integrating link between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region”, – he concluded.

“Two totalitarianism”

Lavrov also said that conversations about “the clash of the two totalitarianisms” – Soviet and German – during the Second world war, the unjustified and immoral.

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“Talk about “the clash of the two totalitarianisms”, which are being actively implemented in the European consciousness, including the level of school textbooks, unfounded and immoral, he said. – The Soviet Union, with all the evils then existing in our country, did not intend the destruction of entire Nations”.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in this connection, recalled the words of Prime Minister of great Britain during the Second world war Winston Churchill, “who all his life was a principled opponent of the USSR and played a big role in the reversal from the Alliance during the Second world war to a new confrontation with the Soviet Union”. “He, however, is quite frankly admitted: “the Concept of silence is to live according to conscience – it in Russian”, – said Lavrov.