Loser Obama is a Republican called to prevent the election of trump

Loser Obama is a Republican called to prevent the election of trump

The former candidate in US presidents from Republican party MITT Romney, who lost the presidential race in 2012, Barack Obama, urged Republicans in States where there were not yet pre-election vote against Donald trump. He said this, speaking in salt lake city.

“Here’s what I know. Donald trump is a liar and a fraud”, – quotes the quotes from his speech to Reuters.

“Let me say easier. If we — Republicans — will choose Donald trump as our candidate, the prospects for a secure and prosperous future will be very vague,” quoted Romney Bloomberg.

He proposed to choose of the remaining three candidates — Senator from Florida Marco Rubio, Senator from Texas Ted Cruz and the Governor of Ohio John Kasica. “One of them must be our candidate” — said Romney.

Republican MITT Romney Photo: AP

In his speech, Romney also said that trump’s economic policies will plunge America “into a prolonged recession” and kill her “business acumen and temperament.” He also warned that the polls show that trump will most likely lose the election, Hillary Clinton, if they both will fight for the US presidency.

Earlier more than 70 prominent representatives of the Republican party wrote an open letter in which he opposed the election of trump. In particular, they criticized his views on foreign policy.

In the past “super Tuesday” trump has been victorious in six of the 11 States. He bypassed the rivals in Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Virginia, which is considered to be one of the key States. Previously, trump has already won in the Caucuses in Nevada and primaries in new Hampshire and South Carolina. In Iowa the billionaire lost to Ted Cruz.

Among Democrats, according to the results of “super Tuesday”, the leadership has strengthened Hillary Clinton. He also won in six States, including key — Texas and Virginia. She previously lost to its main rival-Democrat Bernie Sanders in new Hampshire and barely lost to him in Iowa, but then has scored victories in Nevada and South Carolina.