AT&T has supported Apple in the dispute with the US authorities about terrorist hacking iPhone

AT&T has supported Apple in the dispute with the US authorities about terrorist hacking iPhone

NEW YORK, March 3. /Corr. Kirill Volkov/. One of the largest American Telecom companies AT&T officially supported Apple in the trial with the US authorities, which demand that they have the means to hack the iPhone. This was reported by Reuters.

According to him, AT&T filed a so-called friendly argument in favor of Apple. This is a special form, which can be served by a third party, not party to the proceedings. In it she presents the evidence in defense of a particular position or brings his own point of view.

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According to Reuters, AT&T was supported by Apple, which refuses at the request of the U.S. government to crack iPhone, which belonged to the terrorist. Earlier it was reported that Google also intends in court to side with Apple.

The court in California requires Apple to provide the FBI special software that will allow them to gain access to information stored on an iPhone that belonged to the terrorist Sayeed Faruq. He participated in the attack on the disabled center in San Bernardino (California) and was eliminated. As a result of this attack on 2 December last year, 14 people died and 21 were injured.

Authorities are still trying unsuccessfully to read the information from the smartphone in question. For the Apple data encryption on its devices is standard practice, many of them password protected. If you type it incorrectly several times, all information is deleted.

CEO Tim cook previously said that he would contest the FBI. He stressed that Apple engineers already gave the authorities all the data that are important from the point of view of investigation of the terrorist act, and will not transfer to the secret service software that allows you to hack the iPhone because it would jeopardize the security of personal information all users of these devices.