Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation: the immigration crisis in Europe is close to a humanitarian catastrophe

Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation: the immigration crisis in Europe is close to a humanitarian catastrophe

MOSCOW, March 4. The current migration crisis in Europe are actually closer to a humanitarian disaster, critical situation major concern. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister Aleksey Meshkov at the conference “the Days of security of the OSCE: strengthening links between national and regional response in the context of migration and security” in Rome. Text of the speech posted on the website of the Russian depodesta.

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“We are closely monitoring the emerging essentially from a critical situation associated with the influx of refugees on the European continent, and as our partners in the region, gravely concerned – said Meshkov. – Believe that the current migration crisis in many of its manifestations actually are already close to a humanitarian catastrophe”.

According to him, the question in the first place, is “about the worsening socio-economic problems”. “At the same time seriously increased mutual intolerance, chauvinism and xenophobia. According to the EU Commission, of all forms of discrimination in the EU the most common in all member States is discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, he stated. In General, the countries of the European Union these motives lie in the basis of 64 per cent cases of violation of the principle of equality”.

The Deputy Minister stressed that under the guise of refugees in European countries infiltrating hundreds, perhaps thousands, of extremists. “From this point of view is seriously taken appeared from the relevant intelligence reports of refugees found to be having links with terrorists, the diplomat stressed. – Significantly increased the level of crime, number of incidents of violence, including of a sexual nature (an example is a famous event in Cologne on the eve of the New year)”.

According to him, “there was a threat of infectious disease outbreaks”. “The glaring economic problems, when many refugees do not seek real integration into society, and only want to get benefits, or, on the contrary, cheap migrant labour displaces local workers,” added Sacks.

To solve the immigration crisis

Measures of the European Union by the decision of the immigration crisis while they are fragmentary, but the awareness of the need for a comprehensive approach gradually, says Sacks.

In his words, “taken by the EU measures to manage migration crisis so far are palliative, fragmented”. “A concerted decision not realized in full and to quality situation is not lead. There is no clear common policy”, – noted the diplomat.

“In these conditions, member countries, the EU is moving towards adoption of independent measures at the national level aimed at tightening migration policies, the imposition of restrictions on vnutrismennyh borders, strengthening control at the external border of the EU, which automatically has a negative impact on neighbouring countries,” said Sacks.

“At the same time, awareness of the need for a comprehensive, coordinated approach to this unprecedented problem comes gradually, – said Deputy Minister. – We could often hear common calls to move from a “response” to formulate a common strategy for the management of mass migration flows”.

Bags stressed: “it is Necessary to create normal living conditions in the countries where migratory flows, to help revive the economies of these countries, peace agreements where there are conflicts”.

Proper control

According to Meshkov, the EU countries must establish proper control over migration crisis, to exclude the possibility of penetration in the EU terrorists together with people, really needing help.

“We faced a necessity of searching the optimal, economically, socially and politically aligned solutions in the field of migration, including in the framework of the accepted international obligations in the humanitarian sphere, in security, – the diplomat said.

“Should not be subjected to the erosion of the regime of international refugee protection that is based on the UN Convention relating to the status of refugees of 1951 and the 1967 Protocol, he continued. Even in conditions of mass emergency arrival of people it is important to prevent “erosion” of the institution of asylum. We would expect that our European partners will act in strict accordance with international law”.

Sacks also noted the need for more legal migration channels. “It is necessary to make a clear distinction between refugees within the meaning of the Convention and the Protocol, and illegal economic migrants who simply enjoy the situation”, – he stressed.

“Must be installed for proper monitoring of migration flows, said the Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation. – Everything must be done to exclude the possibility of penetration in European countries the terrorists together with people, really needing help”.

According to him, no less important factor is the interaction with all the countries of the Mediterranean “aimed primarily at countering terrorism.” He also stressed that host States must “be promoted in terms of human rights, refugees and migrants”.

The detonator of the influx of refugees

Irresponsible interference in the Affairs of Middle Eastern countries became the detonator of an influx of refugees to Europe, said Sacks.


Refugees in Europe

The main routes by which migrants and refugees come to Europe

“The reasons for the emergence of a new migratory flow, is a kind of regular migration, quite a lot, and they are closely related, said Sacks. – But mostly, a kind of detonator, hit an avalanche of refugees and migrants in seemingly prosperous countries of Western, Northern and Central Europe, became the irresponsible power of the interference of certain powers in the internal Affairs of sovereign States in the Middle East and North Africa for the purpose of destabilization and changing undesirable governments”.

“The results are well known – destruction of economies, destruction of socio-economic infrastructure, etc. – he noted. – Unsuccessful attempts to transplant the model, Western models of democracy in unprepared social environment has led to the destruction of entire Nations, turned vast areas into areas of permanent hostilities.”

“In countries that leave the indigenous people, sharply degrades human capital, and as a result melt the prospects of development, said a senior diplomat. – Replaced the “Arab spring” quickly became the “Islamist autumn”.

Against this background, in Moscow has been concerned about the position of key States in Europe and the United States, “irresponsible policy which largely predetermined the development of the situation in the middle East region for the worst case scenario”. “And if their policies in Eastern and southern Mediterranean Europeans mostly went in the Wake of Washington or, at least, worked together, now they are left alone with the perceived consequences of their actions, – stated the Deputy Minister. – At the same time, once on the verge of collapse migration, they do not yet come to a decision about possible ways out of the created by their own hands of the situation”.

Moscow is ready to share the experience

Russia is ready to share with colleagues from the OSCE experience in addressing issues related to migration processes, declared Alexei Meshkov.

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© ITAR-TASS/Valery Matytsin

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“Russia for various reasons has a good experience in solving various issues related to migration processes. We’re ready to share it with our colleagues in the OSCE,” the diplomat said. He noted that now in Russia is about 10 million foreign citizens, “of which over 2.5 million are natives of the Ukraine, including nearly 2 million refugees from the South-East.”

Sacks recalled that in June 2014 after the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass in the Rostov region daily ran about 8.5 thousand people, more than half of them children. “For their reception in 76 Russian regions 1002 have been formed of the temporary stay, providing meals and medical care. Children underwent medical examinations, vaccinations. Planes, trains and convoys of refugees were smuggled into the country. By the beginning of the school year for refugee children were prepared place in schools and kindergartens. At the same time were quickly processed administrative-legal acts on the representation of refugees in asylum”, – noted the Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

According to him, now the Ukrainian migrants “also assisted in the registration of their legal stay in Russia and unlimited travel on its territory”. “In addition, the Federal migration service introduced a system of so-called labor patent for citizens of countries having with Russia visa-free regime, which will substantially reduce the percentage carrying out illegal labor activity, – continued the Deputy Minister. – Effective system for the protection of the state border eliminates the possibility of penetration to the Russian territory of persons without official documents.”