Experts: North Korea statement on nuclear weapons – rather blackmail than a real threat

Experts: North Korea statement on nuclear weapons – rather blackmail than a real threat

MOSCOW, March 4. The orders of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN to lead the country’s nuclear weapons ready for use at any time caused a caution rather than a big shock. All the matter in doubt as to whether Pyongyang has nuclear warheads. Interviewed military experts believe that the North Koreans could build a single nuclear device, but carriers for nuclear strike at the DPRK no.

In January, North Korea conducted a nuclear test in February – launch of a ballistic missile. In this regard, last Wednesday the UN Security Council passed a resolution toughening sanctions against the DPRK. Pyongyang called the resolution “unprecedented, gangster” and tested a new multi-purpose missile launchers. As reported by news Agency KCNA, the test was supervised personally by the head of the Republic Kim Jong-UN, ordered to lead in combat readiness, all weapons, including nuclear warheads, if necessary “pre-emptive strike”.

In this extreme situation, the strengthening of the nuclear potential is the only way to protect the sovereignty of our country

Kim Jong-UN

The reaction in the world

In response to the statement of Kim Jong-UN, the representative of the Pentagon noted that the US government does not see North Korea the opportunity to miniaturizing nuclear weapons or to place it on Intercontinental ballistic missiles, and added that if needed, U.S. ready to destroy these arsenals.

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In response to UN security Council resolution, the DPRK conducted a new missile test

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida indicated that Tokyo believes Pyongyang’s announcement of readiness to use nuclear forces “at any time in the interests of national defence” unacceptable, urged the DPRK to show restraint and respect the resolution of the UN security Council.

Earlier the Russian foreign Ministry expressed hope that Pyongyang “adequately perceived” resolution on tightening sanctions “will make correct conclusions and return to the negotiating table to resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula”.

The nuke might have, but the media are missing

According to army General, former chief of the General staff Yuri Baluyevsky, bellicose statements from Pyongyang shouldn’t discover the actual DPRK’s willingness to strike on the hypothetical enemy preemptive strike with nuclear warheads. “In Pyongyang there is no mad, which launched a nuclear weapon on an experimental rocket. And in February, Pyongyang conducted the test exactly experimental missiles with a range up to 10 thousand kilometers,” – said Baluyevsky.

The issue of North Korea has nuclear weapons, a military expert called “problematic”. “In 2006, as chief of the General staff, I was on a visit to South Korea and Japan. Pyongyang then tested a nuclear device underground, making up a terrible noise. We then calculated that the device was detonated ranging from 2 to 5 kilotons. Military in Seoul and Tokyo have asked me whether the DPRK has nuclear weapons. My answer was: the path of a nuclear device to create nuclear weapons within five to 10 years. Now let’s add it up: it’s been exactly 10 years. One can assume that Pyongyang possesses nuclear weapons first, the lowest level, how had the USSR in the late 1950-ies”, – shared his considerations of the expert.

According to military sources, the current North Korea nuclear weapons have a mass of about 3 tons and payload available of Pyongyang’s ballistic missile of the “Nodong” – one ton.

According to Baluyevsky, the device can be lifted into the air and blow up, but nuclear weapons should be included in the composition of the warhead of the rocket – that’s the difference. “The issue of nuclear weapons for highly developed countries is not a problem. Pyongyang also solves this problem through belt-tightening their citizens. Thus North Korea is trying to assert itself to the detriment of surrounding countries and destabilize the situation in the Asia-Pacific region,” said the General.

Similar opinion is shared by Deputy Director of the Institute of USA and Canada major General in stock Paul Johnson, who served in the headquarters of Missile troops of strategic purpose. “I do not exclude that in the past after the first nuclear development years the North Koreans have learned to “tinkering” nuclear warheads. But it most likely isolated instances. To nuclear strikes from the air, the nuke must be installed on the head part of a ballistic missile or hang to the plane. As far as is known, reliable carrier of nuclear warheads in North Korea, no special devices for protection from accidental or miscalculated use of nuclear weapons”, – said Zolotarev.

The continuation of the policy of nuclear blackmail

Army General Baluyevsky called the statement of DPRK leader a “bluff”. “With all the aggression of American imperialism, Kim Jong-UN understands that in the event of an attempted preemptive strike on the DPRK to one of the US allies from North Korea is nothing left”.

“In reality, the order of the North Korean leader to lead the country’s nuclear weapons ready is a response to a tough UN security Council resolution, the continuation of the policy of nuclear blackmail. But the depressing economic situation in North Korea will eventually force Kim Jong UN to negotiate with the West and soften the war rhetoric,” says Zolotarev.