Media: Matvienko considers gender quotas for women on election

Media: Matvienko considers gender quotas for women on election

MOSCOW, March 4. The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko considers as unjustified the practice of introducing quotas for women in elections and in appointments to public office. In her opinion, it is a kind of gender discrimination against men.

“In connection with the forthcoming elections to the State Duma particularly relevant is the question of the role of women in politics,” the Senator wrote in his article in the newspaper “Izvestia” published on the newspaper’s website.

According to Matvienko, despite the increase in the number of women in leadership positions, Russia is still inferior in this indicator other countries. “Many of them increase the representation of women in power is achieved by the introduction of quotas for elections, appointments to public office. Don’t think this practice is fully justified,” said she, noting that “it is also a kind of gender discrimination, but against men”.

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The Federation Council speaker stressed the importance of coming to politics only those women who possess “the necessary qualifications, experience and desire to work in this area.” “Such women in our country are many. We need to help them believe in themselves, to support at first”, – she wrote. According to the parliamentarian, in the interest of first party, as such an approach will strengthen their social base and political influence.

“We expect the parties, of practical measures that will ensure women equal opportunities in the formation of lists of candidates for deputies of legislative bodies of state power of all levels and bodies of local self-government, in nominating for leadership positions in the Federal and regional bodies of Executive power”, – said the head of the upper house of Parliament.

Matvienko also called on the Russian foreign Ministry and other concerned authorities and structures of civil society to take steps “to increase the participation of Russian women in peacekeeping and humanitarian actions, international events”. “The Federation Council is ready to support these efforts – both legal decisions and the channels of inter-parliamentary diplomacy,” she promised.

The Federation Council proposed to the Cabinet to establish a national machinery for the advancement of women in the Russian Federation

“The Federation Council has proposed to the government of the Russian Federation to create in the system of state authorities, national mechanism that will ensure coordination of all activities for the advancement of women,” Matviyenko wrote.

The Federation Council speaker stated that at the present time in Russia the women are engaged in many departments, organizations, unions. “This situation leads to inconsistency in the positions, attitudes, caused by a lack of authority, uniting their efforts,” she explained.

The MP has proposed to develop a National strategy on women for the years 2017-2022. In her opinion, the Russian government need to form a coordinating Council for the implementation of the document, and prepare a plan of priority actions.

In addition, Matvienko is confident that a significant contribution to implementing state policy regarding women could make the institution of the Commissioner for human rights. “He has a lot of possibilities. If necessary, you can zoom in,” she said.