SKR has not found in actions of the murdered child’s nurse for the signs of terrorism

Investigators indicted Gulchehra Bobokulov. As stated in the statement of the representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin admitted to , she is alleged to only one article — “murder of minors” (clause “b” part 2 article 105 of the criminal code).

“As inspectors have established, Babysitting the girls, he waited until parents with an older child leave the apartment, committed the murder of a child set fire to the apartment and left the scene,” — said Markin. He also noted that Babakulova designated “complex stationary narkologa-psychological and psychiatric examination”.

Expeditious maintenance of this business is performed by employees of the FSB, said earlier the Agency staff.

According to one of interlocutors , the special forces are checking whether Bobokulov associated with extremists. Priority for this group of operatives is a version that in one of prohibited in Russia organizations could be her common-law husband from Tajikistan. If it is proved that Bobokulov committed a crime under its influence, then she will be charged with terrorism, said a source .

A source close to the FSB, Bobokulov calls “living bomb” and claims that it worked with the recruiters. He insists: it was under their influence she dared to commit a crime.

Another source familiar with preliminary findings of the FSB, believes that the idea of the scouts was a success: crime has caused a wide resonance in the society. “It’s such a horror that nobody imagined could not,” explains the source .

Not all members of the FSB agree with the qualification of the case Bobokulov, which excludes “terrorist” article, said two people close to the secret service. In their version, that’s why the Internet appeared the video, which, judging by the entries, could be made immediately after the arrest of a nanny, but the origin of video unknown. On the record Babakulov explained their actions revenge President Vladimir Putin for the bombing and claims that he wanted to go to Syria.

The same conversation, but shot from slightly different angle, was posted on the LifeNews website, but the video Bobokulov talking only about their husbands and children. The story about Syria in this record is not hit.