Merkel called “unfounded” the fear of the crisis for migrants

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in an interview with Bild, excerpts of which leads from Die Welt, said that statements about a possible crisis in Germany due to the allocation of funds from the Federal budget on support of refugees, “completely unfounded”.

“We are also improving social conditions, for example, through pension projects or projects to support people disabilities”, — said Merkel.

She also commented on the initiative of the Social democratic party of Germany, which proposed to start a separate social program for local residents.

“The Federal government takes care of everyone equally, and since the beginning of his term, it has improved conditions for almost every group of the population”, — said Merkel.

She stressed that the government plans to maintain a balanced budget, since that “is reasonable, especially in a country with an aging population.”

Merkel criticized opponents of its immigration policy -TV

The Chancellor also commented on the issue of offences committed by migrants. According to her, the sentences for violating the act refugees shall “be imposed as soon as possible” and not to be delayed “for later”. “If the crime was committed, punishment must follow, as much as possible, quickly”, — said Merkel.

She also expressed the hope that the total decision of the migration crisis, all countries in the EU. To do this, in her opinion, is possible by strengthening the external borders of the European Union and agreements with Turkey, through which refugees get into Greece and then in other European countries. In addition, in his interview, the German Chancellor warned voters that she criticized the migration policy of the Chancellor party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) does not offer any solutions and divides the society.