In Moscow has opened reception of applications for free places at fairs

MOSCOW, March 8. More than 14 thousand applications for participation in the weekend markets the first trading session enjoyed on the portal of public services of Moscow for the first hour since the opening of the reservation. This was reported in the capital Department of information technology.

“At 9 in the morning began booking of free places at the fair on For the first hour submitted more than 14 thousand applications for free trading places at fairs weekend from April to June,” – said in the Department.

Priority to receive your free trading places is given to the individual farmers who produce pickles, cakes, jams and much more. They will be provided at fairs 70% of the seats, the remaining 30% will be distributed among individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. However, individuals can delegate their rights provided by the place of close relatives.

There will be 102 pitches in 3.2 thousand trading places.

The duration of all trading sessions – 3 month, the first session will be held from April 1 to June 26. The highest popularity among Muscovites is the third session of the weekend, when the harvest ripens in Central Russia.

Applications for participation in the first trading session will be accepted from 8 March from 09:00 until 22 March 00:00 GMT. The results of the bidding campaign will fail on March 28. The results will be published on the state services portal of Moscow.