The Ministry of agriculture of the people’s Republic of China: Russia and China need to develop bilateral investments in agriculture

BEIJING, 7 March. /Corr. Alexey Selishev/. Russia and China in the field of agriculture should develop bilateral investment and to support the financing of enterprises. This was stated by the Minister of agriculture of China Han Tran Phu, answering the question.

“China is a friend and partner (Russia). Agriculture is an important direction of cooperation between our countries, which is supported by the leaders of our countries”, – said the Minister.

“Now we already have a good basis for cooperation and now we need to increase the intensity of cooperation, because it satisfies the interests of both the industry and consumers of our countries,” added Han Tran Phu.

He also called for “the development of bilateral investment and support of investment companies”. Already, many Chinese companies have invested in Russia’s agriculture, especially in the far East, and achieved good results,” he explained, noting that Russia and China “also need to increase the volume of cooperation”. “For some kinds of agricultural production we can complement each other”, – said the Minister.

“We also hope to increase exports of agricultural products to Russia and to promote Russian products on the market. No less important is the development of cooperation in the field of technology,” he concluded.