Bogdanov: Russia is in General satisfied with the cooperation with the US on Syria

Bogdanov: Russia is in General satisfied with the cooperation with the US on Syria

TEHRAN, March 7. In Moscow in General satisfied with the cooperation with the US on Syria, the military actively communicate and exchange information. This was stated by TASS representative of the Russian President for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

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“Overall, we are satisfied with the cooperation, improved channels, of course. The case is new. We have long offered, but there were doubts about our American partners. Work now centers on the exchange of information and in Geneva, and in some countries of the region, he said. – And in Moscow, and in Washington, our military actively communicate and exchange information, work on the cards. There are also certain technical means of tracking violations, the situation in some regions of Syria, mean and UAVs, and space systems, and aerial surveillance and observation.”


Bogdanov once said, all accusations of Russia in violation of the truce in Syria is unfounded.

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From Russia with support
As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

“There is an information war and there are forces that are not interested in a political settlement that would continue the war and which will throw different information speculative fiction and unsubstantiated accusations, and these same inventions to condition participation in the political process”, – said the Deputy Minister.

“We see this as just a desire for a political settlement of the crisis, drew attention Bogdanov. And moreover, in light of this position, these forces will be able to provoke including armed incidents and violations”.

Without preconditions

Work on the settlement in Syria should be conducted without any preconditions, stressed the special representative of the President.

“Now there are four main areas of activity: humanitarian, ceasefire, the fight against terrorism and the political process, he said. – In all these four areas should go in parallel operation without putting forward any preconditions. But at the same time not to lose time, because all of these issues require rapid response by the international community and consolidated approaches and action”.

Negotiations continue

The negotiations of the International support group Syria (MGPS) at the Ministerial level will continue, said Bogdanov.

“At some point, apparently, have a new Ministerial meeting of the cooperation group, he said. – And now very active and regularly meet two of the task force in Geneva: humanitarian issues and ceasefire. The work is on the understanding that by working together we will continue an uncompromising fight against terrorists in Syria, and not only there.”

“This is like cancer metastases, we observed relevant processes in Iraq, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere – continued Bogdanov. Is all care about us and our Iranian partners. Here we have a common interest, including Saudi Arabia and, as we understand, Turkey, and our partners from the USA and the EU.”

The Syrian-Turkish border to close

Russia demands the international community’s response to the attacks of the Kurds from Turkey, said Bogdanov.

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“We continually raise these issues, he stressed. – They have already been discussed in Geneva, and in individual forms of interaction under the auspices of the UN.”

According to him, these issues are discussed in the work of the task force on ceasefire and at the UN in new York.

Moscow also stresses the importance of closing the Syrian-Turkish border, to deprive terrorists of reinforcements and funding sources, Bogdanov said.

“This issue is discussed in the framework of the International support group in Syria and the task force on ceasefire, he said. – The main thing – to deprive terrorists the ability to receive reinforcements by fighters, weapons, illegal oil trading, the sale of artifacts, kidnapping and receiving ransom. It’s all their material makeup and the expansion of terrorism. The borders are very important. We mean not only the border with Turkey, but generally the perimeter boundaries of any state, in this case Syria.”

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According to Bogdanov, is now the same Iraqis the Russian Federation declare that “the common border between Syria and Iraq does not exist, because in the middle is the so-called ISIS (“Islamic state” is a terrorist group banned in Russia)”. “This, of course, very sad,” said a senior diplomat.

“We need to put things right, and the main support is for the armed forces of Iraq, Syria, with the support of the moderate Patriotic, including the armed opposition, the Kurdish self-defense units and, of course, with the assistance of the international community, he continued. – Is coalition led by the United States. It deals with air strikes on Iraqi and Syrian territory. There is a Russian VC that operate in Syria at the request of the legitimate government in Damascus. We want this coalition was the broadest and consolidated and presented a United front against terrorists.”

The truce in Syria

The ceasefire in Syria is in effect from 27 February. The truce does not apply to the terrorist organization “dzhebhat EN-nusra”, “Islamic state” (both organizations are banned in Russia) and other formation deemed terrorist by the UN Security Council.

According to the Russian military, the truce is generally followed, but only in recent days were 15 registered violations of the ceasefire.