Defense Ministry: fixed 9 violations of the cessation of hostilities in Syria

Defense Ministry: fixed 9 violations of the cessation of hostilities in Syria

MOSCOW, March 5. 9 violations of the cessation of hostilities in Syria recorded for the day, including in Aleppo, Damascus and Latakia. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

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“Still the greatest number of violations recorded in the suburbs of Aleppo. Armed groups “Jabhat Ansar al-DIN” led mortar attacks in Aleppo residential areas, “Sheikh Maqsood”, “Sheikh Aqeel”, “al Castello” and “El Murg”. In daraa militants groups “Liwa Tawheed” fired at Pro-government formation of reactive systems of volley fire”, – stated in the message.

The increase in supporters of the truce

The number of moderate opposition groups that joined the ceasefire process in Syria has reached 30, the day the ceasefire was joined by 8 of factional commanders in the province of Dara’a.

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“Negotiations are continuing with the leaders of the 6 armed forces stationed in the provinces of Damascus, HOMS, Dara’a. Consulted on the cessation of hostilities and humanitarian aid with representatives of the 3 settlements. The total number of agreements on reconciliation with the heads of the settlements is 42”, – stated in the message.

Humanitarian assistance

Russian centre for reconciliation in Syria was taken to al-Suria 3.5 tons of humanitarian aid.

“The Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in the Syrian Arab Republic delivered 3.5 tons of humanitarian aid to the town of al-Suria (Latakia province)”, – stated in the message.

“Local residents are provided with food and bottled drinking water, medical assistance”, – noted in the Ministry of defense.

In addition, it is noted that the territory of Syria once again was shelled by armed forces of Turkey. Shelled the village of Dikmetas in Idlib province.

The Department also noted that the Russian BKC and the Syrian air force strikes on armed groups that supported the cessation of hostilities and reporting in the Russian or American centers of reconciliation information on its location, was applied.

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