The FSB and Federal financial monitoring service has identified 42 cells connected with international terrorism

NOVO-Ogaryovo, March 9. The Rosfinmonitoring together with the FSB revealed in 2015 42 cells connected with international terrorism.

“Turning to international terrorist centers, cells, this year, in the past, together with FSB we were able to identify on the territory of Russia 42 such cells, if we talk about the actions with colleagues, it is about 30 (cells) we have seen in other countries”, – informed the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the head of Rosfinmonitoring Yuri Chikhanchin.

According to him, “in total, directly referring to the terrorists, only in the official public list of terrorists we’ve made in the past year, 1.5 thousand people, more than 3.5 thousand accounts frozen”.

“There was an article today regarding the business that supports terrorism, we work in accordance with Russian companies, we also work with foreign companies”, – said the head of Rosfinmonitoring.

He said that joint work is performed with some countries, including France. “There is some work with Turkey”, – said Chikhanchin. The head of Rosfinmonitoring reported that “developed by international terrorist centers abroad.” “In particular, are now working very closely with the French, one of the cells already arrested in France – representatives from the Caucasus it was organized”, – he brought an example.

Also, according to Chikhanchin, “in Russia was more than a thousand people who maintained contact members of this cell”. “Some of them, unfortunately, it so happened, went off to fight in ISIL,” stated the heads of Rosfinmonitoring.

Rosfinmonitoring is concerned that some Russians respond to fundraising on social networks for the needs of terrorists.

“Of course, cause very great concern – we are here to work together with the administration (the President of Russia), FSB is that the emergence of social media ads that money is needed to fight the infidels, the Russians respond and send money,” Putin reported to the head of Rosfinmonitoring.

He noted that “these facts are, are the place to be”. “Used “e-wallets”, you have to understand, most of them (collecting money), we identified, in total, several dozen people”, – said Chikhanchin.

Chikhanchin told Putin about the meeting of the FATF, which was devoted to issues related to the financing of terrorism. “I must say that ambiguous attitude to this issue show in the country,” he said.

According to him, Russia is trying to nip in the Bud any attempts to Finance international terrorist centers. “We have put these issues to their colleagues from CIS, BRICS, held the necessary meetings with the representatives of Syria, Iran, Iraq; we have agreed on common approaches, which gave the opportunity for the FATF to run our methodology to address these issues,” said Chikhanchin. “The most good results, when our method worked, the CIS, very well,” said Chikhanchin.