Dolgov urged the United States to tackle problems in the private prison system

Dolgov urged the United States to tackle problems in the private prison system

MOSCOW, March 10. The U.S. should deal with the problems in their own prison system, and not to interfere in Russia’s internal Affairs.

This was stated by Commissioner of the Russian foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov.

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“Due to the biased statements of some officials in Washington regarding the fate awaiting the verdict of the Russian court of the citizen of Ukraine Hopes Savchenko, which represents another attempt to gross interference in Russia’s internal Affairs, it is essential to draw attention to the unacceptable situation in the penitentiary system of the USA”, – said the diplomat.

“Once again call upon the U.S. government to actively engage a vast array of problems in the prison system, partly recorded including 343 recommendations in their address at the annual of the universal periodic review of the UN Council on human rights, – said Dolgov. Is it worth doing in the first place before you focus on foreign countries, particularly Russia, looking for there sewn with white thread, the reasons for intervention in internal Affairs, including attempts unacceptable impact on the judicial system, the independence of which the United States so zealously protect in relation to themselves.”

In US prisons an increasing number of cases of violence against prisoners

“For many years the international human rights community has sounded the alarm about worsening of the situation in this area from the point of view of non-compliance with basic standards in the field of human rights, – said the Agency interlocutor. – Fair criticism has been systemic flaws such as torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, often leading to the death of prisoners in places of deprivation of liberty, overcrowding, lack of medical care, the continuing practice of the duration of pretrial detention and solitary confinement”.

“According to a report by the NGO Human Rights Watch for the year 2015, the population of prison inmates were US $ 2.37 million people – more than in any other country, – he noted. – According to the Director of the Federal Bureau of prisons USA Charles Samuels’, for the last 10 years were held in prison on average 40% more prisoners than provided for projects. 15 correctional institutions in the United States are overcrowded by 100%”.

The problem of solitary confinement and lack of medical care

“Still unresolved problem of solitary confinement. According to Human Rights Watch, about 100 thousand Federal prisoners and prisons of the States are in complete isolation – continued Debt. – Prolonged isolation leads to serious health problems. Often as a result of detention in solitary confinement of the prisoners cause serious injury or commit suicide”.

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According to the diplomat, according to Amnesty International, defendants in the US often isolates even before they stand trial. “In particular, these conditions were applied to the citizen of the Russian Federation Ilgiz Hamidullin (in December 2015 in the U.S. sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of terrorist activities), reminded the Debts. – In the remand prison of the regional prison “Nothern NEC” in Virginia against the Russian were set to “special administrative measures” – a ban on visits (except attorney and consular staff) and communicating with relatives by phone.”

Debts noticed that in a correctional centre, the Metropolitan in new York arrested may be held in isolation prior to trial for a few months, or even years. “The detainees rarely see natural light, lack of fresh air”, he added.

Of particular concern, he said, was the issue of increasing violence and deaths in places of deprivation of liberty.

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The U.S. Embassy in the Russian Federation: the States undertake to provide the necessary medical care to Yaroshenko

“According to the “American Union for the protection of civil liberties”, youth, mentally ill persons, pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities often become the targets of ill-treatment in places of deprivation of liberty. There are cases of discrimination of prisoners, the use of handcuffs on pregnant women,” the diplomat said. In addition, he noted that in places of deprivation of liberty in the United States recorded cases of sexual violence against inmates by staff.

Dolgov also noted problems with access to medical care. “The medical staff of correctional institutions ignores the existence of prisoners with chronic diseases. There is no proper medical care for prisoners with mental illness. For some, inadequate provision of medical services is the reason of sharp deterioration of state of health. Frequent and lethal outcome”, – the diplomat noted. According to him, currently in the U.S. in conclusion, the Russian Konstantin Yaroshenko systematically faced with a shortage of proper medical care, despite the aggravation of serious chronic diseases.

For torture in the CIA spectorman still no one held accountable

“December 9, 2014 was published the report by the US Senate on torture in secret CIA prisons, reminded the Debts. – However, the most meaningful portion of the document – more than 6.7 thousand pages remains classified, and the us authorities are reluctant to publish”.

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Amnesty International criticized the United States for the impunity involved in torture in the CIA

“As to the material, prisoners in the secret jails were subjected to inhuman degrading treatment, including beating against the wall, not allowed to sleep for 180 hours, forced to stand in handcuffs in the position of a hand up, left without clothes, placed in ice bath, kept in cells with constantly included loud music, used forced rectal feeding, – he noted. – On interrogations were widely used torture “artificial waterboarding” and other harsh methods of obtaining the necessary evidence”.

According to the diplomat, still no one in USA or in Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Romania, the UK) is not held liable for torture and other ill-treatment, enforced disappearance, committed by Americans under the program of secret detentions by the CIA.

“14th year continues the practice of indefinite detention without a fair trial for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, said the Commissioner of the foreign Ministry. – Among a few dozen persons in a legal vacuum in this special prison, and a citizen of Russia Ravil Mingazov. Despite assurances from us authorities “determine the fate” of our compatriot, that never happened. He is still not charged, he is not released and continues to be in a powerless position”.

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In addition, stressed Debt, the U.S. remains the only country in the Western hemisphere actively resulting in the death penalty. “According to the report of Amnesty International, in 2015, six States have executed at least 27 men and one woman and more than 3 thousand people waiting the death penalty, – he noted. – Lethal injection, which enforced capital punishment, often lead to a long dying agony”.

In addition, “was given the shocking statistic that six people from the U.S. justice sentenced to death, in 2015, were fully justified, and the total number of cases revealing egregious errors in the field of justice in the U.S. since 1973 amounted, according to estimates by Amnesty International, no less than 156”.

In Moscow stated the “gross violations by the US authorities of international law in the field of human rights, in particular the universal Declaration of human rights 1948, the International Covenant on civil and political rights 1966, the UN Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment 1984, standard Minimum rules for the treatment of prisoners, 1955”.