Sands: reports that Putin has approved the sale of shares of “Aeroflot” Rothenberg is wrong

Sands: reports that Putin has approved the sale of shares of “Aeroflot” Rothenberg is wrong

MOSCOW, March 10. The Kremlin has urged not to believe the media reports that the decision on privatization of certain assets takes alone the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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This statement was made gave his press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov, answering the request to comment on the British newspaper the Financial Times, citing its own sources that the Russian President allegedly approved the sale of 25% stake in the airline “Aeroflot” the businessman Arkady Rotenberg.

“We have repeatedly urged you not to pay attention to these materials, which often are published: that the President manages the national welfare Fund that the President makes the sole decisions on what assets to sell and which are not,” reminded Sands. “This is not true,” said the spokesman.

“You know about those discussions taking place regarding possible privatization processes, you know about the existence of different points of view on this matter, but it is not the sole prerogative of the President,” he said.

The meeting on privatization of state property

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1 February, Putin chaired a meeting on privatization of state property, on which, in particular, was attended by the head of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev.

The head of state has demanded to carry out privatization in a transparent and not to sell state blocks of shares at bargain prices.

The new owners of the assets, he said, should be in Russian jurisdiction.

Currently the main shareholder of “Aeroflot” is the state represented by the Federal property management Agency, which controls 51.17% stake in the airline. Privatization of “Aeroflot” prepares for a few years, the parameters, terms and privatiziruemih package is not defined.

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