The Russian foreign Ministry after the deportation of the VGTRK journalists has accused Vilnius in the desire to censor

The Russian foreign Ministry after the deportation of the VGTRK journalists has accused Vilnius in the desire to censor

MOSCOW, March 10. Deportation from Lithuania of the VGTRK journalists suggests that the Vilnius continues to introduction in the country with total censorship.

This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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“Once again we have to state that the Lithuanian authorities continue the line on the introduction of the country’s total censorship and the eradication of any dissent, as evidenced by many Lithuanian politicians, the diplomat stressed. Unfortunately, once again, complete indifference to what is happening in this country of the European Union demonstrates the Brussels and specialized international structures.” According to her, this is “yet another manifestation of double standards”.

The Lithuanian authorities have made members of the crew of the TV channel RTR in the list of undesirable persons because of their potential threat to national security, said earlier in a press-service of state security Department of Lithuania.

“The crew made the list of undesirable persons due to the fact that it poses a potential threat to national security. It is not yet expelled from the country, but it soon will happen”, – said the Agency interlocutor. The question of who made this decision, the Agency refused to answer.

The journalists tried to cover the event of non-system opposition

Earlier in a press-service of the TV channel “Russia 1” said that the Lithuanian authorities decided to deport the correspondent of VGTRK Pavel Zarubin and crew who worked with him in Vilnius. “In the event of so-called non-systemic opposition, neither he nor the other members of the crew were not allowed. Now Paul Zarubin and even being forced to leave the country”, – informed on the TV channel.

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According to the correspondent, the local migration service will accompany members of the crew prior to their departure, that by law they have 48 hours, however, the migration service underlined that to leave Lithuania to the Russian journalists must be on the next flight to Moscow.

“The official reason for the deportation is a possible threat to the national security of Lithuania”, – noted in press service. “This is an attempt correspondents VGTRK to interview Russian citizens who take part in the Forum of free Russia”, – said on the “Russia 1”.

Forum of free Russia was opened in Vilnius on 9 March. It will last two days.