In the Kremlin count on the widest representation of Syrian negotiations in Geneva

In the Kremlin count on the widest representation of Syrian negotiations in Geneva

MOSCOW, March 14. The Kremlin hopes for the Syrian mission at the start of talks today in Geneva and the failure of their participants from unreasonable ultimatums.

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“Everyone wants to hope for the best, although it is clear that the easy way ahead no one expects in this context, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. – Of course, the main thing now is as wide as possible representation, so that no one disrupted the negotiation process. The main thing now that the negotiations were presented to all Syrian political forces, all parts of Syrian society, including Kurds, of course.”

“The main thing is that no one’s making unreasonable ultimatums,” he added.

“We know it will be difficult, – said the representative of the Kremlin. – But I want in the end, given the positive shifts that are currently observed in Syrian Affairs after the onset of the truce, hope that small steps can achieve positive results.”

He recalled that Moscow is working with all parties to ensure the widest possible representation in negotiations, “because the potential effectiveness of negotiations depends on how stakeholders will be represented.”

The second round of peace talks on Syria begins on Monday in Geneva. The start of discussions is given in a very symbolic moment, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the beginning of anti-government clashes in Syrian Deraa.