Lukin said that the proposals to change Pamfilova the Ombudsman he had received

Lukin said that the proposals to change Pamfilova the Ombudsman he had received

MOSCOW, March 14. The former Commissioner for human rights in Russia Vladimir Lukin has not received proposals to hold the office of the Ombudsman is Ella Pamfilova. About this Lukin said on air of radio station “Russian news service”.

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“There’s no proposal. There is a point of view I have respected human rights defenders. They appealed to the President. It is their dialogue. I take note of, and accept their point of view, respect the candidates who were called. Suggestions to me or other candidates should be from those agencies that are authorized to do so. But what happens before that is not my problem. If I receive an offer, I’ll think about it. Now I have to think of anything not necessary,” he said.

According to Lukin, to discuss candidates for the post of Commissioner for human rights in Russia, when the position continues to take Pamfilova, unethical. “Ella Aleksandrovna continues its work, and to talk about who will replace her, even unethical. What if some new factors happen”, – emphasized ex-the Ombudsman.

He noted that “conversation about who will be the next Commissioner for human rights” that will become real only after official confirmation from the authorities that Pamfilova leaves this post.

Earlier media reported about the letter of the number of human rights activists Russian President Vladimir Putin with a proposal to appoint Vladimir Lukin authorized on human rights in the Russian Federation.

On March 3 the President has designated the remaining “top five” candidates for new CEC, which included Pamfilova. The mandate of the current composition of the Central election Commission expires on March 27.

Lukin left the post of Ombudsman in 2014, losing his Pamfilova. He held the post of Commissioner for 10 years, two consecutive terms.