Merkel commented on the defeat of his party in regional elections

German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a press conference dedicated to last weekend in regional elections where her Christian democratic Union (CDU) lost in two Federal States of three, said that to continue to insist on a pan-European solution to the migration crisis. It is reported Reuters.

“Without a doubt, we’ve come a long way to solving the problem of refugees, but we still do not have effective solutions. I’m absolutely convinced that we need a European solution, and this solution takes time,” said Merkel, adding that elections for the CDU “difficult day”.

Earlier in the German government, commenting on the results of the elections, also said that the Cabinet of Germany will not reconsider the policy on migrants after the defeat of her party.

“The government will continue to pursue its immigration policy all the forces both at home and abroad”, — said the representative of the government of Germany Steffen Syberg.

To win in the last election the party succeeded only in Saxony-Anhalt, and in the States of Baden-württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate won, respectively, the green party and the social Democrats. Thus the result of the CDU became the worst in all the post-war period, says Bloomberg.

In the parliaments of all the three regions was the party “Alternative for Germany” that is opposed to the migration policy of the German Chancellor. Maximum support of the party that is already represented in the five Federal States, turned in Saxony-Anhalt, where he defeated the party of Merkel.

The election results show that voters punished Chancellor-conservative, condemning Merkel held an open door policy for refugees, notes Reuters.

“These results are a serious rebuke for Merkel and the most pronounced protest vote, which we have seen so far,” said the Agency Holger Smiling from Berenberg Bank.

Reuters calls the result of the CDU in Baden-württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate worse for Merkel, who “opened the doors of Germany more than 1 million migrants in the past year.” However, the Agency admits that the Chancellor will seek a new, fourth term is due to the lack of “significant competitor for the right to lead the party in the Federal election next year”.