Smolny and the auditors went to the world in the case of violations in construction of roads

Smolny and the auditors went to the world in the case of violations in construction of roads

ST. PETERSBURG, March 14. /Corr. Svetlana Afonina/. The authorities of St. Petersburg have entered into court settlements with the city audit chamber (KSP) on claims challenging the view of auditors. Auditors found violations in the construction of roads and subways to 14 billion roubles. This was reported on the website of the Arbitration court of Petersburg and Leningrad region.

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“To approve a settlement agreement to discontinue the proceedings”, – stated in the decision of the court in these two cases. Officials promised to provide the auditors the plan on elimination of violations and pledged “to take action aimed at bringing to justice officials of the Committee responsible for the violations”.

In the court documents specified that we are talking about the results of spot checks on the spending of means of the city budget for 2011-2013 of the Committee on transport infrastructure development (the tdrc) and its subordinate Directorate of transport construction (TPA) and the state unitary enterprise “Mostotrest”.

In 2014, the results of verification of the auditors it was reported that a study, and its structure has caused the damage in Petersburg is about 14 billion rubles in the construction of roads and metro, and don’t follow the law to ensure the safety of these facilities.

In particular, according to the PSC, the Directorate has caused damage to the budget of St. Petersburg at 5.7 billion rubles, paying is not actually performed by the contractor’s work and materials at an inflated cost. Besides, by estimates of auditors, under contract with the contractor “FOR “Revival” on the construction of an interchange nabrezhnaja the size of the penalty was to be 3.5 billion rubles.

The report also stated that the officials responsible for unlawful expenditure to 3.6 billion rubles for payment of works on construction and reconstruction of the subway, which was conducted prior to the conclusion of contracts, without permission and without control of gosstroynadzor.

The auditors issued a notice requiring the officials had to repair the caused damage to the budget, to bring to justice officials and to redress violations. St. Petersburg authorities refused to execute it. The head of the tdrc Sergei Arlashkin noted that along the Pirogovskaya embankment, total contract value amounted to 2.7 billion, and the auditors are asked to fine the contractor for 3.5 billion In response, the PSC said that such penalties stipulated in the contract.

The tdrc and DHS appealed to the court with claims for annulment and cancellation of submission to the auditors. Initially, the court came to the conclusion that the view of the PSC is not subject to consideration in court, then the cassation returned the case for retrial. The trial lasted more than a year.

The comments of the parties in the case does not yet have.