Titov: “the Right thing” will put forward in Moscow in the elections to the state Duma not less than 10 independent candidates

MOSCOW, March 14. Party “Right cause” headed by business Ombudsman Boris Titov, plans to put forward on elections in the state Duma not less than 10 independent candidates in Moscow. This was announced on Monday to journalists Titov.

“We call very strong people in the party, we hope that they will go on one-mandatory districts In Moscow… we plan to put at least 10 independent candidates”, he said.

Titov added that in St. Petersburg, Moscow region and some larger regions, the party also plans to issue a large number of candidates in single-mandate constituencies. In particular, Titov expressed the hope that in single-mandate constituencies will be nominated a member of the Federal political Council of the party, the businessman Dmitry Potapenko and Deputy Chairman of the Russian administrative community Denis Molotkov.

29 February in Moscow held a party Congress at which a new Chairman was elected Titov. He intends to head the list “the just cause” on elections in the state Duma and ready in case of a victory to leave the post of the Ombudsman for the Deputy mandate. On March 26, the party will hold another Congress at which the election will take the program and defined with a name. Previously Titov has repeatedly said that he will lead the party to elections under a new brand. However, against the name change shortly before the elections expressed by many representatives of the regional offices.

As reported previously the Deputy Chairman of “Right cause” Tatyana Marchenko, the program of the party with which she will go to the polls, in fact, ready. It is called “Economics of growth” and was developed by the participants of the Stolypin club.

Elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation will be held on 18 September under a mixed system: half of deputies (225) are elected in single-mandate constituencies, half by party lists.