Interior Minister: militant activity in the North Caucasus has been reduced

Interior Minister: militant activity in the North Caucasus has been reduced

MOSCOW, March 15. The Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev noted the great contribution of military personnel of Internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs in a decrease in the activity of armed gangs operating in the North Caucasus region.

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“I would like noted the activity of the Internal troops in counter-terrorism operations in the North Caucasus Federal district. Largely through the efforts of Internal troops, their daily selfless work, creating a risk to life in recent years has managed to drastically reduce the activity of the gangs and to stabilize the region,” he said.

The interior Minister thanked all staff for their responsible attitude, high professionalism, persistence and courage in the line of duty. In addition, the Minister expressed gratitude to the heads of the Supreme bodies legislative, Executive and judicial authorities as well as representatives of public organizations for the constructive and fruitful cooperation.

More than 1.5 thousand fighters wanted

Kolokoltsev said that more than 1.5 thousand fighters, who left the Russian Federation for participation in armed conflict, declared wanted; convicted, 195.

“(In 2015) continued operational testing of citizens traveling abroad to participate in armed conflict. Registered more than 3.4 thousand of such persons. In respect of them is brought 1.7 million criminal cases, – said Kolokoltsev at a Board meeting of the Ministry of interior. – Almost 1.5 thousand militants declared wanted and 195 condemned.”

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Over 3.4 thousand people, travelling abroad to participate in armed conflict, under the control of the interior Ministry, said the Minister.

“Continued operational testing of citizens traveling abroad to participate in armed conflict. Currently, the control of bodies of internal Affairs is already over 3400 such persons”, – said the Minister.

“In 1793 initiated against them criminal cases, almost half thousand fighters are wanted, and 195 – condemned”, – said Kolokoltsev.

“Absolutely can not allow the returning fighters continued their illegal activities in Russia. Among the topical areas is the suppression of attempted recruitment into the ranks of international terrorist organizations new members, especially young people. We attach great importance to cover the funding of radical organizations and undermining their economic foundations,” added the Minister.

The radicals from Ukraine

The movement of vehicles on the Russian-Ukrainian border continues to be the center of attention of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, said the Minister.

“The focus of our attention remains the movement of vehicles and citizens on the territories adjacent to the Russian-Ukrainian border. The main aim is not only to exclude entry into the country of representatives of radical organizations, but also to stop any attempts of illegal importation of arms, ammunition and explosives”, – said the Minister.

More than 100 ethnic clashes

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has stopped in the last year more than 100 ethnic clashes, said Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

“Timely and adequate response to conflicts prevented more than 100 ethnic clashes”, – said the Minister.

Kolokoltsev stressed that during more extensive work was carried out countering extremism in all its manifestations. “The issue of the prevention of interethnic conflicts that could escalate tensions and riots,” – said the Minister.

On refugees from the Middle East

The Ministry of internal Affairs has strengthened control over the refugees from the Middle East, and arriving in Russia, said the Minister.

“At the same time strengthened control over the residence and finding in-country refugees from the middle East. While the emphasis is on preventing violations of law on their part, and the identification of migratory streams participants of terrorist organizations”, – said the Minister.

The Minister also noted that in order to improve the safety of passengers from 15% to 30% increased the density of patrol outfits at stations and in rolling stock. “Most involved the possibility of a service dog. With the use of technical means and operational methods of work on detection in passenger traffic of persons suspected of terrorist activities,” – said Kolokoltsev.

Administrative oversight

The Minister proposes to conduct administrative supervision over persons who have committed crimes of an extremist orientation.

“An effective tool for the prevention of recidivism, is the administrative supervision established for the most dangerous categories of persons exempted from places of imprisonment. Prepared a bill providing for the extension of the list, including the citizens who committed grave and especially grave crimes of an extremist nature,” he said.

According to him, previously convicted persons committed more than half of the crimes, at the same time, it is the crime prevention contribute to reducing crime.

Kolokoltsev noted that in the past year preventive supervision in the internal Affairs bodies was over 630 thousand persons, representing an increased danger to others. “The best way to prevent relapse is the return of previously convicted citizens to normal life in society. This problem can be solved only by consolidating forces with the regional authorities”, – stressed the Minister.

Over 9 thousand active gang members

More than 9,600 of thousands of members of organized criminal groups were brought to criminal responsibility in 2015, said Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

“Just last year established the involvement of organized groups or criminal associations to commit almost 14 thousand crimes. Prosecuted more than 9600 leaders and active participants of organised groups,” he said.

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According to him, last year, suppressed the activity of more than one thousand participants of ethnic criminal groups, which charged about 2 thousand criminal episodes.

The growth registered in Russia crime is associated with socio-economic factors, said the Minister.

“The studies show that the increase in recorded crime largely objective in nature and is associated primarily with socio-economic factors”, – said the Minister.

According to Kolokoltseva, the growth was due to household, property and crimes committed by negligence. “This trend is characteristic of the vast number of subjects of the Russian Federation,” he said.

On crimes against children

In families committed 60% of crimes against children, said the Minister.

“Children are increasingly becoming victims of crime. 60% of the cases violence is perpetrated by members of their families,” he said. Kolokoltsev stressed that these injuries can have irreparable consequences.

In this regard, the Minister advocated improving the efficiency of interagency cooperation.