Putin noted decline in the number of serious crimes in the Russian Federation for 2015

Putin noted decline in the number of serious crimes in the Russian Federation for 2015

MOSCOW, March 15. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Board of the mi noted a decrease in the number of crimes in Russia last year, improving their conviction rate and encouraged to increase the results.

“The positive results of the activities of the Ministry (MOI) need to grow,” he said.

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In particular, the continued decline in the number of grave and especially grave crimes, murders, rapes and robberies. Also increases their detection rate. Putin noted the work of law enforcement officers for the protection of budget funds and work on disclosure of crimes of last years. In addition, the number of accidents decreased by 9%.

The President stated that so far failed to solve the basic problem, which was mentioned at the Board meeting of the interior Ministry a year ago. “And this is the exit on qualitatively new level of the whole system of the Ministry of interior, ensuring a radical change in the situation with crime,” he said, Recalling that Russians expect from the police.

Putin stated that the increase in crime in General in 2015 amounted to 9%. “Maybe it is the result of objective statistics, all right. But the fact that crime is growing, it is bad,” he said. The President added that almost every second crime remains unsolved.

Protection of business

The President gave the interior Ministry the task to protect the interests of the state and citizens in business, to protect from raiders. “Additional effort is required by the disclosure and investigation of economic crimes and raiding. Your task – to reliably protect the criminals from the interests of the state, the rights, interests and property of citizens, including those who are honestly does business,” said the head of state.

Putin recalled the earlier decision to establish a working group on monitoring and analysis of law enforcement practice in the sphere of entrepreneurship. In March, he said, will be her first meeting. “I hope that the representatives of the interior Ministry, experts of departments will be actively involved in the activity of this structure. From our joint work at the level of the President’s administration will depend much,” he added.

He pointed to the need to improve the regulatory framework in this area to minimize and eliminate the risk of pressure on employers to use different kind of custom Affairs, property redistribution, and other purposes. Putin noted decrease in the number of corruption cases in recent years identified by the Ministry of internal Affairs. He called to analyze the situation to determine whether such crimes have been reduced, or the Ministry of internal Affairs has just lowered the activity in this area.

“We need to stop attempts of criminals to get into power”

In addition, he demanded to stop attempts of criminals to get into power in the elections of 2016. Putin reminded that the forthcoming elections in the state Duma, and regional and municipal authorities will be a significant event in the life of the country. “The task of the Ministry of internal Affairs – ensure public order during the preparation and conduct of elections. And of course, you need to identify and hard to block any attempt by criminals to get into power,” he said.

The President also noted that in the area of responsibility is the Ministry of internal Affairs and the fight against extremism and terrorism. The Ministry, he said, like other law-enforcement bodies and special services, must strengthen the work to prevent it, to stop the activity of radicals trying to use the nationalist, extremist slogans, as well as criminal gangs that sometimes spliced with terrorist, becoming the last source of funding.

On this issue Putin urged the interior Ministry to strengthen cooperation with foreign partners through international organisations, primarily the UN, CSTO, SCO.

Prevention of offenses among youth

The President considers it necessary to pay more attention to the prevention of offenses in the country, including among young people. “More attention should be paid to the prevention of offenses, including among young people. Meanwhile, the number of crimes committed by minors or with the participation of the minors in 2015 has increased by almost 4% to 3.8%,” – said Putin.

According to him, over the last 5 years, almost one and a half times more offenses committed by people who were in an alcohol intoxication. The head of state stressed that people who are at risk and susceptible to criminal influence, should always be in sight of the police. The Russian President stressed that without the permission of all problems in the field of crime prevention we cannot rely on the improvement of the criminal situation in the country.

“We need to clearly define the competence of all subjects of prevention activities: police, regional and local authorities, to do everything necessary to expedite the adoption of the public Federal law on the fundamentals of the system of crime prevention in the Russian Federation”, – said Putin.

The Russian leader also expressed the view that the proposal of the Supreme court to transfer a number of crimes, not having great social danger, in the category of administrative violations can give many rebellious citizens a chance to fix it. However, we must do everything to keep them from relapse, Putin said.

Migration issues

He also instructed the interior Ministry and concerned departments to ensure coordination and expeditious solution of problems in the sphere of migration and refugees. “I beg to bring together all stakeholders and timely solution of problems related to the detection and suppression of offences in this sphere”, – said the head of state.

Putin noted that the problems associated with irregular migration, also require serious attention of the Ministry of interior, “this is a complex problem, and solve it within its powers, have all the public authorities”. He drew attention to the migration crisis in Europe, adding that in Russia the problem is not so acute, thanks to the efforts of law enforcement agencies. “But we cannot allow something like this to take place”, – Putin said.

However he acknowledged that Russia has “millions of migrants, primarily from the republics of the former USSR”. According to Putin, it is necessary to provide these people the legal conditions of labour, “that they fulfilled the laws of Russia, traditions of the peoples among whom they live, and so that it did not create problems on the labour market inside Russia, so as not to cause irritation of citizens.”

Improvement of combat training of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs

The President also demanded to improve the combat training in the internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. “We need to continue work on improvement of combat training of internal troops (MVD of Russia)”, – he said. The head of state noted that units of the MIA should be in a constant state of readiness and to improve their skills.

Putin has declared that counts on a competent, timely and professional work of all employees of the interior Ministry. “We see that the police work hard and strive to perform tasks that are formulated by the life, the people of the Russian Federation, – said the head of state. – I want to thank you for your work, I wish you success.” “I wish you were always at the level of the tasks and expectations that accompany your daily work,” he said.

“Even when the employees of internal Affairs bodies used, frankly, repressive measures of the state to those who transgress the law, people see that this is done in the public interest, – it causes support from the people,” he added.