The transport Ministry offers to return the licensing of transportation of people and keep a record of the weight of the truck

The transport Ministry offers to return the licensing of transportation of people and keep a record of the weight of the truck

MOSCOW, March 14. The transport Ministry offers to return the licensing of road passenger transportation, including transportation by school buses to enhance safety on the roads. This was announced by transport Minister Maxim Sokolov at the meeting of the state Council Presidium on issues of road safety.

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“In Russia up to 2005, the main mechanism of regulation of relations in the sphere of transportation of both passengers and freight was the licensing. However, in the framework of measures on reduction of administrative barriers in 2005 from the list of activities subject to licensing, were at first excluded freight transport by road transport, and in 2011 passenger transportation by order passed on notification procedure”, – he said.

As a result, according to the Minister, come on the market, new carriers, “who sometimes have neither the adequate training nor the financial capacity to bear the burden of fixed expenses that are associated with the provision of Park maintenance and road safety”.

“In this regard, it is possible to return to the licensing of passenger transportation by order and for their own needs, including transportation and school buses, as it was a few years ago,” said Sokolov.

Minister of transport also noted that it is expedient to establish uniform requirements to ensure road safety in the operation of trucks and buses, regardless of who they are – natural persons, legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

In addition, the Minister stressed that each year, according to traffic police, in places of more than 35% of all accidents recorded deficiencies operational condition of roads. On Federal roads during the past year there were more than 22 thousand accidents and killed more than 6 thousand people. The number of accidents has decreased by almost 11%.

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The number of accidents where road conditions are noted as an incidental factor decreased by 6.6%, the majority of accidents occur on regional and local roads. The share of regional roads do not meet regulatory requirements, nearly 63% at the beginning of January 2016

“The reason is the underfunding of the road sector due to reduction of revenues from excise duties on oil products and by the use of means of road funds for purposes not directly related to the financing of road infrastructure”, – said the Minister.

“Another reason (bad) road conditions – negative impact on traffic flow and the condition of the roads heavy and bulky cargo vehicle. In the execution of decisions was a 22 automated post weight and dimensions control, and in accordance with the plan provided by the device on the Federal roads within the next 5 years, almost 400 automated sweats weight control. We are now considering the implementation of this programme on PPP basis,” concluded Sokolov.

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