A group of Russian bombers su-24M flew from Syria to Russia

A group of Russian bombers su-24M flew from Syria to Russia

MOSCOW, March 16. A group of Russian bombers su-24M flew with the Syrian air force base Hmamin to Russia, reported the press service of the defense Ministry.

“Another group of Russian aircraft from the air base Hamim flew to the places of permanent dislocation on the territory of the Russian Federation. In the group – “leader” – the Il-76 aircraft, as well as front-line bomber su-24M”, – stated in the message Department.

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The Ministry of defense posted a video of his return from Syria the first air group VC Russia

Morning from Syria to Russia flew the su-25, also were part of the aviation group of the aerospace defence forces of Russia. On Tuesday, the Russian base is back fighter-bombers su-34.

The defense Ministry recalled that the flights of Russian aircraft from Syria are groups. Each of them is the aircraft of the Military transport aircraft Tu-154 or Il-76, which carries engineering staff, aviation and logistical assets. The group’s follow up to Russia’s borders, after which the aircraft can already reach its airstrips for a permanent home. If necessary, make an intermediate landing at military airfields in Russia to refuel and control of technical condition.

March 15 the bulk of the Russian aviation group is leaving Syria. On Monday, President Vladimir Putin said that the tasks set before the military, “generally made”. On Tuesday, Deputy defense Minister, state Secretary Nikolay Pankov said that the strikes against the terrorists would continue.