Media: the Russian government is returning to a three-year budget

Media: the Russian government is returning to a three-year budget

MOSCOW, March 16. The government returned to a three-year cycle of financial planning, writes the newspaper “Kommersant”. According to the publication, the Cabinet of Ministers on behalf of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov on February 26, appealed to the agencies with instructions for implementing them sent a timetable for the preparation of draft laws on the budget for 2017 and the planned period of 2018-2019.

From the wording of the agenda items that the annual budget that the government passed because of an unexpected drop in income and change of oil prices, has exhausted itself. Although technically to revert to this format, the government may (previously adopted special laws, suspensive effect of certain provisions of the Budget code for the period of 2015 and 2016), the three-year budget is already being prepared.

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The economic development Ministry, according to Kommersant, March 1, was sent to the Ministry guidelines for determining the appropriation for 2017-2019 years, to March 18, the Agency must submit to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of energy of the primary projections and statistics, and the Ministry of labor is the primary offer that part of the “Main directions of tax policy for the years 2017-2019,” which relate to insurance premiums for the next three years.

The government, according to the schedule, will discuss the design of the budget in two installments, the newspaper said. First – earlier than usual: the scenario for 2017-2019 years, the Ministry of economic development will present to the budget Committee prior to March 29, and the Central Bank will send to the Ministry of Finance and economic development proposals for three-year monetary policy on April 22. In may-June budget process will return to its usual schedule, already fully specified and realistic proposals for various scenarios from the Ministry of economic development, as well as other required from other agencies the documents will be submitted to the government in June. Projections of budget expenditures will be prepared in June-July. The government must approve the budget bill on 15 September, and by submitting to the state Duma the whole package of budget documents for 2017-2019 years (including projections for off-budget sipontum and documents of the Central Bank) must be prepared by September 21.