Moscow has threatened retaliatory countermeasures for the extension of sanctions of Canada

Russia will respond to countermeasures on the extension of sanctions of Canada. This is stated in the statement published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Ministry noted that Moscow is “disappointed” took the decision of Canada to extend the “black list” of Russian individuals and legal entities in connection with events in Ukraine. “Contrary to the statements of the new government [premiere] Justin Trudeau about the desire to act in the international arena in a spirit of cooperation, Ottawa continued escalation of negativity”, — stated in the Foreign Ministry.

In the Ministry linked the extension of sanctions with the habit of “looking to Washington”, which, according to Moscow, require his allies to “keep the sanctions front.” This, as well as “the desire to satisfy the needs of their anti-Russian lobby” precisely the interest of Canada to build more constructive relations with Russia, felt in the Foreign Ministry.

“The new canadian government was a chance to overcome the stalemate in the bilateral dialogue, inherited from the previous government. Unfortunately, Ottawa didn’t take it that will be taken into account. This unfriendly move will not remain unanswered — our countermeasures will follow”, — concluded the Agency.

Canada has expanded sanctions against Russia the night before. The decision was adopted on 16 March, however, the document in force came into force on Friday. In the “black list” were added two man — Deputy General Director for commercial issues of concern “Kalashnikov” Edward Joffe and the top Manager of the concern Alexander Omelchenko.