Milner has risen on three lines in the ranking of the best venture investors

Milner, a condition of which the publication estimates at $2.8 billion (No. 612 in the global ranking of billionaires), is the only Russian in “the Midas List”. In 2015 Milner for the first time entered the top 20 list, occupying the last place.

Among Milner’s investments, which allocates Forbes, attachment in social networks Facebook and Twitter in the early stages and investment in Chinese online retailers Alibaba and JD.

First place in the ranking for the third year in a row partner of the investment Fund Sequoia’s Jim Goetz. Leadership in the list he has provided early investment in WhatsApp: Goetz invested in the messenger $60 million that the output turned $3 billion.

Forbes calls investment in WhatsApp, which in 2014 was sold to Facebook for almost $22 billion, “one of the best deals in the history venture capital”.

The three leaders of the ranking also includes the first Instagram investor Steve Anderson and Chris Sacca, invested in Twitter early on.