The Kremlin has proposed a new liberalization of the Criminal code for business

The head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov made a proposal to make legislative amendments that will limit the ability of law enforcement to abuse their powers in relation to the entrepreneurs. He said this at a meeting of the working group on monitoring and analysis of law enforcement practice in the sphere of entrepreneurship, which on Wednesday in the Kremlin held by President Vladimir Putin.

Ivanov proposed to prescribe in the code of criminal procedure, the period within which the property proprietor may be under arrest. The police start a criminal case, seized in the investigation of the property and how long they can keep — the law is not specified, said Ivanov.

The head of the presidential administration also proposed to increase the threshold of economic crimes in large and especially large size. According to him, the current values were established in the early 2000s, and does not correspond to reality. Now considered the largest theft in the amount of 250 thousand rubles, and particularly large — from 1 million rubles in Addition, a criminal case could be brought for the theft of 1 thousand rubles, recalled Ivanov.

Another proposal is to exempt from punishment of entrepreneurs, if they first committed an economic offence and voluntarily compensated all the victims. Now this practice exists only for tax crimes, and it should be extended to economic, he said.

Also should be fixed in the law on the admission of the notary to the owner, who is under arrest, Ivanov said. This is to ensure that the businessman could delegate the management of their business.

Ivanov suggested to differentiate the punishment for businessmen on charges of fraud and different ways to punish the business depending on whether he had acted individually, as legal entity or as part of an organized group.

The head of the presidential administration suggested to discuss the participants of the working group the proposals and if they will get the President’s approval, to issue instructions to prepare the legislative amendments.

Putin has established a working group to monitor enforcement in the field of entrepreneurship in mid-February. It should be a mediator in the relationship of power structures and business. The group was headed by Ivanov, it included 11 people. Among them, the head of “Business Russia”, RSPP, Trading-industrial chamber and “OPORA Russia”, and on the part of law enforcement agencies — representatives of the state office of public Prosecutor, FSB, the Investigative Committee and the interior Ministry, at the level of Deputy heads or chief deputies. From the administration of the President of the group included the presidential aides Andrei Belousov and Larissa Brycheva.