Customs opened the secret volume of Russia’s exports

Federal customs service (FCS) opened volume of export deliveries of Russia on the so-called secret code. Exports of goods, details of which are subject to classification of the FCS of Russia, in 2015 amounted to $9.4 billion, reported the press service of the FCS in response to the request .

On 22 March published a report which claimed, citing data from the world trade center Moscow, based on the statistics of the FCS, exports of Russia by secret articles in 2015 amounted to $56 billion After the publication of the ITC withdrew its calculations, providing further adjusted data. Of them indicated that the secret exports totaled $9.4 billion the Editorial Board apologizes.

The total export of Russia in 2015 was $343,4 billion, a decrease of 31% compared to almost $500 billion in the previous year. The secret share of exports in total amounted to 2.75%.

Updated data from ITC, it follows that most classified equipment Russia supplies to Iraq ($1,52 billion in 2015), India ($1,18 billion), and Algeria ($906 million). Kazakhstan last year received products under the secret code on $225 million, and Ukraine — just for $19.8 million

In some areas classified supplies has grown substantially: for example, last year the export code SS in Bangladesh, has increased 36 times ($427 million), Algeria — 11 times, Vietnam twice (to $568 million). Algeria, India, Vietnam, Iraq are traditional buyers of Russian weapons.

According to the decree of the President of Russia, in the list of information classified as state secrets include information about Russian export or import of weapons and military equipment, dual-use products if the disclosure / premature disclosure “could damage state security”. Under a secret code may be held not only weapons, but also civilian equipment under contracts that are for some reason not disclosed, wrote the newspaper “Kommersant”, in December 2014 with reference to sources in the customs sphere.

Despite sanctions and political tensions, “secret” trade between Russia and the United States. Classified exports from Russia to the USA in 2015 has increased by 78% to $456 million as part of a secret export may relate to, for example, nuclear materials. State Techsnabexport contracts until 2020 supplies enriched uranium to several U.S. nuclear operators, including the largest power-generating company Exelon USA.

Import to Russia on secret codes in 2015 amounted to us $3,67 billion — 54% less than in 2014 ($7,97 billion), follows from the statistics of foreign trade of Russia, aggregated at the level of two digits of HS.