Arrested ex-Governor of Sakhalin will have ten new charges

Investigators have accused of corruption the former Governor of the Sakhalin region Alexander horoshavina new charge on more than ten counts of receiving large bribes, said the official representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin, the radio station “Vesti FM”.

“In the near future horoshavina plans to bring charges in more than ten episodes of criminal activity. And all this bribe in especially large size, connected to extortion” — he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Investigative actions in this criminal case is scheduled for completion by summer 2016, said Markin. According to him, the ex-Governor is not cooperating with the investigation. “But this does not prevent consequence work”, — said the representative of the RCDS.

In March 2015 khoroshavina was accused of receiving a bribe of more than $5.6 million that He was still the Governor, was sent under arrest. After some time he was dismissed “in connection with loss of trust” — President Vladimir Putin signed the corresponding decree. His guilt is not admitted.

In April khoroshavina suspected of a bribe of 15 million rubles And receiving the money is charged not only ex-Governor, but his former subordinates — former Minister of agriculture of the Sakhalin oblast Nikolay Borisov and the Vice-Governor Sergey Karepkin.

At the end of January 2016 “Kommersant” with reference to the lawyer khoroshavina Ivan Mironov announced a new criminal case against the ex-Governor. Found out the publication, the investigators believe that being a Governor Khoroshavin through intermediaries received not less than 27 million rubles from four people who won seats in the city Duma in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Thus Mironov has expressed opinion that its client have stipulated.