Putin appointed Kadyrov acting President of Chechnya

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree appointing acting head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov and expressed hope that he will participate in the September elections. This became known during a meeting with Russian President Kadyrov in the Kremlin. A meeting of leaders of Russia and Chechnya have shown the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Putin praised Kadyrov’s merits, saying that he took the Republic in ruins.

“Based on what has been done in recent years for Chechens, Putin said, — today I have signed a decree on the appointment of the acting head of the Republic”.

Putin expressed hope that in the September elections “the Chechen people will be able to evaluate” what he did for the Republic Kadyrov. Kadyrov thanked Putin for the trust.

On Friday morning a meeting of Putin with Kadyrov announced the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, without elaborating on the topic of their conversation.

That Putin will give the go-ahead for re-election Kadyrov, wrote on March 2. His authority was due to expire on 5 April.

Recently, Kadyrov said he does not cling to the post of head of Chechnya. In an interview with NTV, which aired on February 27, Kadyrov explained his willingness to part with fasting. “Now that I didn’t use my name against my people, I think that we need state leadership to find another person,” he said. Later, on 2 March, in an interview to “Interfax” that the question of his fate should decide Putin. “And I’m the grunt who says “is”, — said Kadyrov.

However, the interviewees said that, despite statements about readiness to leave the post, Kadyrov will be re-elected in September. Federal official in conversation with urged not to take his statements literally.