The new leader of “M. Video” became the ex-President “Coherent”

Michael Tache was appointed chief Executive officer (CEO) the largest non-food retailer “M. Video” (the operating company networks — LLC “M. Video Management”), follows from the official reports of the company. In the new Touch position will be responsible for all operational activities of the company, reporting directly to Alexander Tynkovan, the founder, President and CEO of the group “M. Video”.

M. Video is introducing a new management system company, said Tynkovan, whose words are in the press release. Main divisions of “M. Video” will obey the Touch, among them the Directorate of retail sales, marketing, supply chain management, distribution and logistics and others. Tynkovan will focus on the development strategy of “M. Video” and the launch of new business projects, announced himself the founder of a network during a conference-Cola.

Among the new objectives of the company — development of online projects and “qualitative leap in the segment of connected devices and services,” said Tynkovan.

In mid-January Touch after nine years of work in “the Messenger” has left the company. His post was the former Chairman of the management Board of Sviaz Bank Evgeny Davydovich. On the day of personnel changes in “the Messenger” about the possible move of the Touch on a position in “M. Video” wrote “the Secret” with reference to one source. The Touch then promised to tell about career plans “toward the end of the first quarter of 2016”.

Michael Touch before joining “the Messenger” worked at General Electric Capital, including was CFO of the retail Bank GE Money Bank in Russia. In “the Messenger” Touch came in 2007. Before becoming President of the company, he worked for seven years its chief Executive officer. In 2013, when the Touch was headed by “the Messenger”, the company’s revenue for the year increased by 17%, from 92 billion to 108 billion rubles in particular, was the initiator of start of sales in the “Connected” financial services and insurance products, said Maria Zaikina, a representative of “Coherent”. This retailer has managed to diversify its business: services now account for 50% of the total profit of the network.

The development strategy of “Liaison” was adopted in 2013 and with the change of shareholder has not changed, it is told in the company message. In 2015, however, conditions have changed. In the “Connected” again began selling contracts of “VimpelCom” and “MegaFon” shareholders “Euroset”, which did not sell its SIM cards in its stores. Their main competitor MTS, on the contrary, the announced his departure from “Coherent”, citing a drop in sales of their contracts. In the summer of 2015 the company first announced the joint project with the once main rival: buyers of Internet-hypermarket Enter had the opportunity to pick up their orders in the salons of “Euroset”.

“I may be crazy, but more than the quiet work if you don’t want my format. Yes, the work [in “the Messenger”] nervous, but these nerves — a creative energy. It’s a drive, he recalls juggling a thousand crystal balls, when no one can not drop”, — told in Touch in an interview in September last year. After the official announcement about leaving “Coherent” Touch said: “Now I can move on, being absolutely sure that the business is under any conditions will be successful.”

M. Video is the largest non-food retailer in Russia. By the end of 2015 net sales (excluding VAT) M. Video decreased by 6.4% compared to 2014 year and amounted to over 161.7 billion rubles the company’s Net profit was 44.4% less than the previous year, and amounted to 4,547 billion rubles. Previously, on January 18, M. Video published unaudited figures for the end of 2015: the company’s revenue for the first time since the IPO decreased by 5.5% compared to 2014, to 162,6 billion rubles (without VAT). Since 2007, when took place the IPO of the company “M. Video” was never shown an annual decline in sales.