Aeroflot has temporarily suspended flights to Kazakhstan

Aeroflot since the second half of March 26, 2016 has suspended the implementation of regular flights in Kazakhstan. This is stated in the message of Russian aviaperevochika.

It is noted that this step is forced, because up until now the Kazakh side is not granted the expected permits for the flights of Russian airlines in accordance with the summer timetable, which comes into force on 27 March.

“Aeroflot has not received the appropriate permissions, despite the fact that is a designated carrier on routes from Russia to Kazakhstan and has applied to operate flights for February 12, 2016,” explained the company.

The report noted that cancelled 11 flights of Aeroflot with departure dates on 26 and 27 March. Passengers who have purchased tickets for these flights can take them without penalty, the company said.

Aeroflot has also advised its passengers to refrain from flying in Kazakhstan and in the next three days.

Earlier on Saturday, 26 March, Kazakhstan’s national carrier Air Astana has announced that flights to Moscow may be interrupted from March 27, 2016 “in connection with the refusal to issue permits for the migration of the Russian aviation authorities”. This follows from the common Department for corporate communications of the airline Air Astana information, which is quoted by TASS. On approval of the carrier’s refusal is “unlawful”. The company stresses that “permission to fly to other Russian cities were received”.

The blame for the situation with the permissions of the Kazakh carrier has laid on Aeroflot, which, according to him, untimely filed an application for registration, and so cannot get permission to fly to Kazakhstan. “At the same time, all Russian airlines, have submitted applications in a timely manner, get all the permissions without restrictions”, — underlined in the message.

The airline noted that “the Kazakh side once again ready to meet promptly and to proceed with the registration of “Aeroflot” and the issuance of permits during the day subject to receipt of an official letter from the Russian aviation authorities”.

It is noted that in this letter shall be confirmed by the possibility of passage for Kazakh companies through Russian airspace on a route Astana – Ulan-Bator and permission for the flight to Moscow.

In Air Astana reported that “for flight over the Russian territory aviation authorities of Russia require payment of royalties for the use of the TRANS-Siberian route (TSR)”. The airline with these requirements does not agree.