Peskov explained the appearance of the sink in red sports pants

Speaking on the TV channel TVC, Peskov explained that “we all live a simple human life,” and in that day it was a normal night.

“When you come home from work anywhere after 12 at night, sometimes can’t sleep. Wife on a business trip. Had a fight with a child over two, don’t sleep. Here in sweat pants, got into a car and went”, — quotes the press-Secretary of Agency “RIA Novosti”.

February 20, Peskov told reporters that amazed and confused excitement, which was caused by the emergence of the Internet pictures of him in red pants and boots-uggah made at the car wash. “I’m a little bit shocked by that, at night when you go to the sink to in the queue does not stand, and it makes this story, I’m honestly confused and don’t want to discuss it”, — said the press Secretary of the head of state,

In mid-February in the Internet appeared the photo that I took of one of the visitors car. As he wrote MK, Irina Leskova kind of took the President’s press Secretary, who was sitting nearby in the red pants and ughah, and posted the picture in Facebook. The photo quickly made the rounds online and has caused heated discussion users.