The Syrian army has taken full possession of Palmyra

Units of Syrian government forces took full control of the Palmyra, 215 kilometers from Damascus, according to Reuters. Previously about the liberation of the city from the terrorist group “Islamic state” (its activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited), the source said the TV channel “al-Mayadin”.

The battle for the city lasted several days. March 24, Syrian television reported that the Syrian army entered the Palmyra, which the terrorists of IG captured in may 2015. Government forces drove militants from the “heart of the city” and treated them street fighting.

Later received information that the troops of Bashar al-Assad in control of the historical part of the Palmyra — ruins of the ancient city, a UNESCO world heritage site. The capture of Palmyra will allow Syrian government forces to launch an offensive in the province of Deir ez-Zor and to free from terrorists the South-East of Syria. The Syrian army is strongly supported from the air by the Russian aviation.