Gref to help: the son of Sergey Ivanov will be engaged in the savings Bank

Gref to help: the son of Sergey Ivanov will be engaged in the savings Bank

Chairman of the Board of SOGAZ insurance company Sergey Ivanov will go to the savings Bank as senior Vice President and will oversee the insurance business. This was reported by the Agency TASS citing a source familiar with the situation. This information was confirmed by four sources: two men, one of whom learned about it from employees of the savings Bank, the other from the shareholders of SOGAZ, as well as a source close to “daughter” the state Bank “Sberbank insurance” and one of the big bankers.

“It is expected that Ivanov will be responsible for the development of “wealth Management”. Gref has long been looking for the person who will pick up this important direction for the Bank. Now he oversees Petr Koltypin, who is responsible for the territorial development of Sberbank”, — said the source, who learned about the appointment from employees of the savings Bank. A source close to “Sberbank insurance”, said Gref has long been seeking a person, who has headed the unit “wealth Management” — almost immediately after leaving the savings Bank Denis Bugrov, senior Vice-President developed this unit. Left Bugrov Sberbank in the spring of last year.

A source close to shareholders of SOGAZ insurance group, said that in December last year, Gref was invited to manage this block top-managers of AlfaStrakhovanie, “but then did not work”. “Gref looked after Ivanova, when the government discussed the candidates for the post of head of VEB, Ivanov was one of them,” says the source, who learned about it from employees of the savings Bank. Ivanov did enter the shortlisted applicants for the post of the Chairman of VEB, said in February a source in the government, but in the end, the President has appointed to the post of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Sergey Gor.

Children of high officials in state banks

Dmitry Patrushev

The eldest son of the Secretary of security Council and former head of the FSB, Nikolay Patrushev, is the Chairman of the Board of the agricultural Bank since may 2010. On the appointment of the new head of the Bank reported the press service of the government. In 1999 Patrushev graduated from the State University of management majoring in “management”, then started his career in the Ministry of transport in 2002 to 2004 was trained at the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia, specialty “world economy”.

Sergey Matvienko

The son of the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko Sergey Matvienko began his career in Bank “St.-Petersburg” in 2001 as Advisor to the Chairman of the Board for IT. Two years later he was appointed Vice-President of the Bank. In 2005 he was appointed senior Vice President of VTB, and in 2006 — the General Director “VTB-Development”, working on development projects, reported “Vedomosti”. In June 2013 Matvienko resigned as the head of “VTB-development” on their own. Matviyenko graduated from the Institute of modern business in the specialty “management of foreign economic activity” in 1996, later — St. Petersburg Institute of service and Economics, specialty “Finance and credit”. Candidate of economic Sciences.

Petr Fradkov

The decision of Vnesheconombank’s Supervisory Board on the appointment of the first Deputy Bank Chairman Petr Fradkov, the son of the Director of foreign intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov, was made in December 2014. Fradkov-younger in 2000 he graduated from Moscow state Institute of international relations (University) of the MFA of Russia, specialty “world economy”, in 2007, Kingston business school. Candidate of economic Sciences.

Denis Bortnikov

The son of the head of FSB Alexander Bortnikov has a career in the banking sector since graduating from Saint Petersburg University of economy and Finance in 1996. Until 2004 he worked in the St. Petersburg Industrial-construction Bank, subsequently acquired by VTB. In October 2011, the Supervisory Council of VTB has approved the appointment of Denis Bortnikov member of the management Board of the Bank. Then, according to Forbes, the head of the Bank Andrey Kostin stressed the knowledge Bortnikov, Jr., “the Russian banking sector and experience of managing projects”.

Sergey Ivanov — the son of the head of the presidential administration, MGIMO graduate, he is 35 years old. He has experience in the banking business. Before in 2011 to lead the group, he spent seven years at Gazprombank, where he rose from assistant to the Chairman of the Board Deputy Chairman of the Board. In Gazprombank Ivanov in the post of Chairman oversaw the development of work with corporate clients and private banking, responsible for working with government authorities, coordinated special projects on behalf of the Board of Directors and head of the Bank. Early in his career (2003-2004) Ivanov worked in “Gazprom” the chief expert of Department for international projects. “Colleagues always called Ivanova a workaholic, a high-level professional. Nobody ever said that it supposedly the “son” and takes his place”, — said the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Burykina, who headed earlier Committee on financial market.

According to a friend Ivanov, who has long wanted to return to the banking business. Ivanov in his recent interview to the newspaper “Kommersant” said that his contract with UEFA until March 2017, “But believe me, even in the event of my withdrawal from SOGAZ nothing will change. Frankly, in the interests of ensuring the security of the business I have been submitted to the shareholders my pool of potential successors. Our company does not depend on one person”.

“Ivanov has a high reputation in the business environment. He built the system in the SOGAZ insurance group, has collected a strong team, made several mergers and acquisitions and significantly increased business, says the Chairman of the Board of Directors TopContact Arthur Shamilov. According to him, Gazprombank, where Ivanov was in charge of corporate business, he was also on very good account.

Block savings “wealth Management” appeared in 2013, in 2014 Bugrov presented the strategy of its development. It would combine the insurance and pension programs, services associated with asset management for both individuals and for legal entities, Depositary, broker services and a number of other areas. “We expect that in the next five years, Sberbank will become one of the catalysts for the development of these services in Russia. Their potential is enormous,” he said. However, while the income from insurance activities and the activities of the pension Fund of Sberbank reduced: for 2015 they were reduced almost 3.5 times in comparison with 2014 to 9.2 billion rubles.

The press service of the SOGAZ and Sberbank declined to comment, Sergei Ivanov did not answer the call .