NATO fighters escorted the plane Shoigu on the way to Kaliningrad

During the flight, the head of the defense Ministry of Russia Sergey Shoigu in Kaliningrad at a distance of about two kilometers flew the Eurofighter fighter planes from NATO. To the side of the Minister they did not come, the correspondent of TASS.

The plane Shoigu was accompanied by Russian su-27 with ammunition on Board.

The Minister has arrived to the Kaliningrad region. The defense Ministry informs that the Minister will examine the organization of combat training and the construction of combat training and social infrastructure in connections and military units of the Russian troops in the region.

In the afternoon, Sergei Shoigu will conduct the inspection work at a military airfield near Kaliningrad Chkalovsk, in particular inspect its reconstruction. Also the Minister of defence will examine the organization of educational process and introduction of new teaching methods in the Baltic military-sea Institute of a name of Ushakov. The Minister will hear reports of the command of the Western military district and the Baltic fleet on the organization of educational process and training, as well as the commissioning of infrastructure facilities of military towns and areas.

In June 2015, NATO held the largest exercises of its troops in the vicinity of Russian borders in Poland and the Baltic States. In the exercise Saber Strike was attended by 11 thousand soldiers of the Alliance, 40 aircraft, including B-52 bombers, and 500 units of military equipment, including tanks T-72, Leopard 2A5 and M1 Abrams.

In January of this year, Shoigu said that Russian armed forces will form three new divisions in the West in 2016, and called it the “most important” task. The Minister of defence also noted that it is necessary not only to form these divisions, and arrange the places of their permanent deployment — to create the polygons, places of storage of equipment and accommodation of the personnel.