Ukrainian activists began to be on duty on the border with Crimea

Ukrainian public formation “Asker”, consisting of former participants of blockade of the Crimea, from March 28 start with the border guards of the state border service the performance of duty at checkpoints on the administrative border with the Crimea. About the portal “Crimea.Realities” said the Chairman of the Genichesky district state administration Alexander Vorobyov.

“Tomorrow begin their service as representatives of the” Asker” on the strengthening of border and customs services. Has received all permits, all agreed. We are strengthening the administrative borders. With the beginning of the command and staff exercises”, — he noted.

At the end of September 2015 Ukrainian activists have begun an indefinite protest by blocking for vehicles, in the Crimea, and other products. By mid-January 2016 campaign blockade of the Crimea changed the format, and the participants began to prepare for duty on the border with Crimea together with the border guards.

On 22 March, the speaker of the state border service of Ukraine Olga Slobodyan told that tests on the results of special training to carry a joint service with the border guards, passed 33 of 60 activists from the “Asker”.

Then Slobodyan noted that the functions of the activists will be Advisory. According to him, the activists will not have the right to directly intervene in the work of the control services at the administrative border with the Crimea, together with them to verify the documents or to inspect the Luggage. Activists will be entitled “only to recommend or advise something”, — explained the representative of state frontier service.

In late February the head of the headquarters of the “Asker” Lenur islyamov reported that the Association will jointly with the police to patrol border with Crimea regions — Henichesk, Kalanchak and Chaplinka districts of Kherson region. According to Islyamov, “this is not the fight against extremism and separatism, and the fight with looting, with such elementary things as the theft of personal property from people.”