Yanukovych’s family “has taken steps” to recover compensation from Ukraine

“Me and the father had recently been taken legal steps to recover these funds from Ukraine”, — reads the statement of Oleksandr Yanukovych (the eldest son of Viktor Yanukovych) received . In comments it is specified that at the moment, Alexander Yanukovych cannot disclose information about legal action taken to recover the money from Ukraine, and amounts of the funds, as this information is confidential. “These issues will comment on English lawyers, as only official documents will be published by the European court of justice”, — reads the statement.

On Friday, March 25 the former Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash said that the EU court has awarded compensation to Viktor Yanukovych and his two sons Alexander and Victor (died in March 2015 — approx.) in the amount of 57 thousand pounds ($80 thousand) each. She wrote about this in his Facebook. Referring compensation of expenses that members of Yanukovych’s family bore the lawyers in the case challenging the EU sanctions.

The next day, the Ministry of justice of Ukraine in an official statement, denied the words of Lukas, calling them “a figment of the imagination”. “No decisions of the European court about collecting in favor of Yanukovych and his entourage from Ukraine of at least one penny, not to mention the 6.3 million UAH, do not exist in nature”, — stated in the message of the Ukrainian Ministry of justice.

In 2014, after the imposition of sanctions, Yanukovych challenged them in court of Luxembourg. In the autumn of the same year, the Ministry of justice of Ukraine decided to enter into litigation in all three cases in the European court of justice, explained in the commentary of Alexander Yanukovych. “After examining the statements of the Ministry of justice, we are English lawyers prepared and filed in the European court of justice objections to the entry of the Ministry of justice in our processes. Even before consideration of our objections to the European court of justice, the Ministry of justice decided to withdraw their applications for intervention. As English lawyers spent some time on appeal the statements of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine, lawyers filed a motion to have the defence costs in this section were vested in the Ministry of justice of Ukraine”, — reads the statement of the eldest son of former President of Ukraine.

The decision on payment of compensation, the commentary indicates, was adopted on 11 March 2015. In October of the same year, lawyers for the family of Yanukovych issued an official press release about the decision. The same information is also available on the website of the court, pointed out Alexander Yanukovych, citing as an example the decision for his father.

In an official statement of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine confirmed that in 2014, Ukraine filed to the EU court a motion for entry into the mentioned cases. “The Ukrainian side managed to establish an effective mechanism of interaction with representatives of the EU, which accompanied these Affairs”, — is spoken in the message of the Ministry.

Viktor Yanukovych left the post of President of Ukraine in the spring of 2014 he amid numerous protests. He faced several criminal cases, including the usurpation of power. In March the EU imposed sanctions against the ex-President of Ukraine. As well as a number of officials from his entourage. The sanctions banned entry to EU countries and freezing Bank accounts of defendants in the list