Died Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Yandex”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Yandex” Alfred Penati died Saturday, March 26, according to the official report of the website of the company. Fenati was 90 years old, he joined the Board of Directors of the company since its founding in 2000, has headed it since 2008. “We are deeply saddened by the death of al. He was a remarkable man and born leader — a source of inexhaustible energy for our company”, — said General Director of “Yandex” Arkady Volozh, expressing condolences to the family Fenati.

Before becoming Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Yandex”, Fenati long worked in the field of IT. For almost 30 years, from 1965 to 1993, he was CEO of the American company, Information International, which was engaged in the technology of optical character recognition, programming in LISP and computer animation, as well as the development of electronic prepress systems. In 2001 it was bought by a Belgian IT is a Corporation Agfa-Gevaert.

In 1993 Fenati became Director of the Russian company — supplier of computers and software CompTek, where he worked until 2003. He later became a co-founder of two new companies, separated from CompTek, a developer of wireless systems in the Internet and InfiNet Wireless provider of an IP telephony system Center of Telephony Integration (CTI). Both companies are still working. The InfiNet 300 customers in 100 countries, said on its website, the financial performance of the company did not disclose. CTI’s revenues by the end of 2014 amounted to 4.6 billion rubles., profit — 0,35 million rubles, follows from the SPARC database.

Temporarily acting Chairman of the Board of Directors became non-Executive Director of “Yandex” John Boynton, said in a statement. He chairs committees for remuneration, and nominating and corporate governance. From 1990 to 1995, Boynton was co-founder and President of CompTek, who later became the founder of “Yandex”.

Boynton is President of private investment company Firehouse Capital, which invested in InfiNet, which was led by Fenati, wrote Forbes.

The CompTek company, where he worked and Fenati, and Boynton, in 1989, was founded by Arkady Volozh, co-founder and current CEO of “Yandex”. The composition of CompTek in 1993 came another company of Volozh — “Arcadia”, which was engaged in search technologies.

“Yandex” — the largest Internet company in Russia. Revenues for 2015 amounted to 59.8 billion rubles and net profit to 9.7 billion roubles In February 2016 on “Yandex” it was necessary to 57.8% of search queries in Runet, according to the service LiveInternet.ru. The closest competitor — Google — is on the Russian market of 35.4%.

The search engine Yandex was announced in 1997, and the company “Yandex” is registered in 2000.