Family income Turchak for the year has decreased twice

Total income of the family of the Governor of Pskov oblast Andrei Turchak in 2015 compared to 2014 has decreased in two times follows from the Declaration, published on the official website of the state bodies of the region.

Personal income Turchak in 2015 amounted to $ 1,075 million rubles, follows from the Declaration. In 2014 the Governor of the Pskov region declared income of $ 1,591 million rbl. the Declared income of the spouse of the official, in 2015 amounted to 37,852 mln Is almost two times less than its income for the year of 2014, which, according to the Declaration, was 74,493 million rubles.

Owned Turchak is the land area of 1201 sq. m and the third apartment with an area of 80,7 sq. m. Together the couple have three apartments with an area of 66,8 sq. m, of 156.6 sq m and 180,5 sq. m. All property is in Russia. Vehicles, and in 2014, owned by the family Turchak no, to the Declaration.

As noted in the document, Turchak’s wife owns 100% of JSC “Labyrinth”, 100% JSC “Resurs-91”, the share of 100% of open company “Aeroinvest plus” 100% LLC “AK-invest”, 90% of OOO “invest Service” 50% OOO “Wave TC” and 0.025% of JSC “Management company “Leninets”.

As mentioned earlier, the criminal code “Leninist” is one of the owners of the company “Barrier” (formerly “Factory “Leninets”). Another co-owner of “Barrier” is Alexander Gorbunov, who is accused in the assassination attempt on the journalist Oleg Kashin called the organizer of the crime. In an interview Gorbunov said that it was not involved in the attack on the journalist.

Oleg Kashin was brutally beaten in Moscow in November 2010. In the fall of 2015, he said that thing about the attack is revealed. The perpetrators of the crime Kashin called the security guard and Mechanical plant in St. Petersburg. Earlier, the journalist had repeatedly named by the customer of the attempt of the Governor Turchak. Turchak himself called the accusations of involvement in the beating of Kashin provocation.

In December a big press conference Russian President Vladimir Putin said he knew that “in the media, on the Internet, there is information that Turchak involved in beating of journalists”. Commenting on this information, Putin cited the anecdote about the HR Manager who refused to accept the man for the job because “he had something with a fur coat.” “And it turns out that five years ago the wife of this man fur coat was stolen. And because of this, “something with fur” not accepted”, — said the head of state.