The media learned about the failure of the Gulls to the head of the RCDS to bring a case against the Deputy

Prosecutor General Yury Chaika refused to the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin in the prosecution of the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party, a member of the Committee for security and combating corruption Denis Boronenkov, according to “Kommersant”.

Refusing in the direction in the state Duma of a petition for deprivation of parliamentary immunity, the Prosecutor noted that the testimony on Mr. Voronenkov six convicts in the case of raider capture of the building in the center of Moscow is not enough. The prosecutors believe that the evidence that the defendants in the case were given in the framework of the concluded pre-trial cooperation agreements, fully admitted his guilt, is suggestive in nature.

As notes “Kommersant” in the answer of the attorney-General also indicated that the Deputy was not carried out all the necessary investigative actions — specifically, the confrontation between Mr. Voronenkov and other accused.

Criminal case on the fact of theft of the building in the centre of Moscow a total area of 1.5 thousand square meters, which housed a shop and a bakery, a TFR was instituted in the fall of 2011. The building belonged to the founder of “Volume” Otari Kobakhidze. As earlier wrote “Commercity”, Kobakhidze said that the building gave General Director of “Toms” Marina Vladimirskaya. According to investigators, a friend of hers, Colonel Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs in resignation Vyacheslav Polozkov decided to transfer it to another legal entity and sell, and for this purpose appealed to the FSB Andrei and Sergei Marsikova Sisakova, and those, in turn, attracted Voronenkov. According to the investigation, the Deputy found a buyer,
which, turned out to be an entrepreneur Vitaly Kachur. He was going to buy the building for $2 million (measured in $5 million). Assessment investigation, Voronenko could get from Kachura more than $1 million.

The Voronenko, giving explanations to the Russian investigative Committee, said that the defendants in the case of hostile takeover, in which he did not participate, he was falsely accused.

For fraud the defendants on decisions of the Tushinsky district court has received from four years to probation, and their testimony is a consequence tried to use for criminal prosecution of the Deputy.

In April 2015, the TFR has already filed an appeal to the Prosecutor General. The Supervisory authority then returned the documents to the investigators, finding them undeveloped.

The official representative of the Prosecutor General Alexander Kurennoy said “Kommersant” that the Supervisory authority did not go to the Duma, as the result has not eliminated all the shortcomings identified in this case. “But if they come to us for the third time, eliminating everything that we have pointed out, the case will be prosecuted”, — said Mr. Kurennoy. The TFR in the exemption decision of the attorney General to the publication has not commented on. However, a source close to the investigation, made it clear to “Kommersant” that the investigation of the high-profile case, may be resumed if the Voronenko will not work in the new composition of the Duma.