The truckers will hold a protest in Central Moscow

3 April truckers will be in the center of Moscow coordinated action against the system “Platon”, said the spokesman of the protest camp truckers in Khimki Taisia Nikitenko. The event will be held on the Yauzskaya square near the gate.

The promoter, St. Petersburg trucker Yury Bubnov, said that he submitted to city hall a request for 3 thousand participants, but the authorities have cut the number to 300.

According to Bubnov, the truckers will arrive under their own steam — waggons in the centre can’t get through. Bubnov expects that the meeting will be attended by about 200 drivers from different regions.

The organizers invited to action of the opposition. In particular, according to Bubnov, have confirmed their participation Natalya Pelevina from PARNASSUS, Nikolai Laskin and Ivan Zhdanov from the unregistered “Progress Party”, the representatives of the party “Democratic choice”, the members of the “Yabloko” Leo schloßberg and Sergei Mitrokhin. Also expected are representatives of just Russia and the CPRF.