They fought for Syria: what is known about the dead soldiers from Russia

They fought for Syria: what is known about the dead soldiers from Russia

Wednesday, 30 March, the Governor of the Orenburg region Yury Booth, reported that the name of the deceased in Syria Alexander Prokhorenko call the street. Thus, the Governor officially confirmed the name of the deceased on March 17, ORENBURGA. Earlier the defense Ministry only identified the fact of death. According to the Ministry, the officer was surrounded when performing reconnaissance missions and caused the fire itself.

This is the sixth officially confirmed the death of a soldier in Syria. Most of them — fighting. Two of them, Oleg and Alexander Peshkov Pozynich died in the incident with a Turkish fighter in November 2014.

Three others were killed during a ground operation by teaching the Syrian military (Ivan Cheremisin), or solving intelligence tasks (Fedor Zhuravlev, Alexander Prokhorenko).

There were non-combat losses: in October 2015 in Syria, according to the official version, he hanged a soldier Vadim Kostenko.

The deaths of some military personnel confirmed Vladimir Putin at the awards ceremony on March 17, returning from Syria war. “Here, in this room, Elena Peshkova Valentina Mikhailovna Cheremisina, Irina Pozynich and Julia I. Zhuravleva, widows of our comrades fallen in the fight with terrorists. Understand that for the family, relatives, friends, comrades Oleg, Ivan, Alexander, Theodore, their departure is a grievous loss,” expressed condolences to the widows of soldiers President.

In addition to the officially declared losses know about the death of a veteran of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs Serhiy Chupov. His death law enforcement agencies did not comment, but a colleague confirmed that the deceased served in Syria. Status Chupova in operation remains unclear — according to some sources, he has signed a new contract with the defense Ministry, others went to the conflict zone as part of a private military company (PMC).

Other victims associated with the PMC, reported the edition “Fontanka”, but no evidence of their death, in addition to photographs and words of anonymous sources could not be found.

According to military expert Pavel Felgenhauer, the character of the loss is indirectly confirmed by the ground-based component of the Russian operation in Syria. “Nobody denies,” he recalls. The expert stressed that the presence of Russian advisers need of the Syrian army, as without them to work with Russian equipment will not.

On a ground operation in Syria earlier said the commander of Russia Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov. He noted that Russian military personnel carried out additional exploration of objects to the strikes of Russian aviation, was involved in bringing aircraft on targets in remote areas, and decided the “other special tasks”.

During the armed conflict in South Ossetia the Russian army, according to official data, lost 71 dead and 340 wounded. These figures have repeatedly questioned the Georgian side and some media. They believed that the numbers are underestimated.

Vadim Kostenko

Soldier Vadim Kostenko died 24 October 2015. The official version of death — suicide motivated by problems in their personal lives. This version said the defense Ministry a day before the funeral, after the information about the lost was published by research group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT).

The funeral of servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces Vadim Kostenko, 28 October 2015

Photo: Kommersant

In the Main military office of public Prosecutor confirm that “hanging”, however, the relatives with such formulation do not agree. According to the soldier’s mother, Svetlana Kostenko, they often spoke with his son on the phone. “On Saturday he was cheerful, happy, laughed,” the mother told reporters. The father of the victim also refused to believe in the version about suicide. “I girl don’t blame, because it’s all nonsense, all lies,” said Alexander Kostenko of the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Fedor Zhuravlev

Captain Fedor Zhuravlev died 19 November 2015. According to CIT, Fedor Zhuravlev served in the special forces “Senezh”, included in special operations Forces. The circumstances of the death of the soldier have not been reported.

At the funeral the commander Zhuravleva told the family that he was killed during a special operation against the militants in Kabardino-Balkaria.

According to information from the RNS, Zhuravlev cited in Syria on targets of strategic bombers.

During the meeting with Putin returning from Syria by soldiers on March 17, the widow of the soldier presented the awards. Later the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed to Reuters the fact of death Zhuravleva in Syria.

Oleg Peshkov

The commander of the crew of the su-24 Oleg Peshkov died 24 November 2015. The plane was shot down by Turkish F-16 missile “air-air” near the Syrian-Turkish border in Latakia province. The crew managed to eject, but when landing Peshkov fired at the militants of the organization “Grey wolves”. The medical experts found on the body of the deceased eight bullet wounds.

The funeral of the deceased in Syria the pilot of the su-24 bomber Oleg Peshkov in Lipetsk, 2 December 2015

Photo: Pavel BednyakovZumaTASS

Peshkov was posthumously awarded the title hero of the Russian Federation, a star of the Hero was transferred in December 2015 the widow of the pilot. In honor of the deceased will name a street in Chelyabinsk, Tambov and Simferopol. One of the su-34 has the name of the pilot.

Alexander Pozynich

Marine Alexander Pozynich died 24 November 2015 during an operation to rescue the crew of the su-24 shot down a Turkish fighter jet. During the operation one of the helicopters Mi-8, which moved the landing, was hit and made an emergency landing. The helicopter was destroyed by the fire fighters from the ground. The pozynich received a shrapnel wound in the neck and died.

The sailor-the contract employee the Pozynich was posthumously awarded the order of Courage. The school in which he was killed, was named in his honor.

A plaque in honor of marine Pozynich Alexander, who was killed in Syria while searching for the pilots of the downed Turkish military aircraft SU-24, in Novocherkassk

Photo: “RIA Novosti”

Ivan Cheremisin

Military adviser, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Cheremisin died 1 February 2016. According to the defense Ministry, Cheremisin was in Syria as a military adviser. “Russian military adviser in Syria was serving the aid of the Syrian army in the development of new weapons included in the framework of existing interstate contracts of military-technical cooperation”, — reported in the Russian defense Ministry (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to an anonymous source of “Novaya Gazeta”, the EA came under mortar attack on January 26, was injured and six days later died in hospital.

Cheremisin posthumously rewarded by the government. It gave Putin during the meeting in the Kremlin, the widow of the military adviser.

Serhiy Chupov

Former major of internal troops of the MIA of Russia Serhiy Chupov died on 8 February 2016. Officially, neither the interior Ministry nor the defense Ministry Chupov death was not confirmed. The President’s press Secretary Peskov said that the Kremlin was “not aware” of death Chupov.

Former colleagues have confirmed the death of the veteran in Syria. According to the publication “Fontanka”, Chupov worked for a private military company and was engaged there in combat training of personnel. According to others, the mayor could sign a new contract with the defence Ministry and to continue to serve in the army as “mediator” or adviser. Chupov’s widow denies the death of her husband in Syria.

Alexander Prokhorenko

Russian spetsnaz officer Alexander Prokhorenko died near Palmyra on March 17, 2016. Of his death March 24, reported the Ministry of defense. According to authorities, the soldier within a week was performing a reconnaissance mission in the area of Palmyra and reported the coordinates of the positions of militants IG (banned in Russia).

“The soldier died as a hero, causing the enemy’s fire, after it was discovered and surrounded by terrorists”, — told reporters the representatives of the Russian sites Hamim.

In honor of the deceased will be named street in Orenburg.