Kadyrov: the word “opposition” was invented by the US to tear down the state

Kadyrov: the word “opposition” was invented by the US to tear down the state

In addressing the challenges facing the Republic, involved all Chechen businessmen and politicians, any of them can offer the program, said Ramzan Kadyrov.

IVAN, 1 APR –. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, traditionally, is a constant subject of criticism from the opposition, considers that the word “opposition” was invented in America to destroy other States.

“The word “opposition” is, I think, invented in America, to destroy and effectively kill the state. To create there a kind of opposition, then to other States to ruin,” said Kadyrov, appointed March 25, the acting head of Chechnya, in an interview.

President Vladimir Putin last week at a meeting with Kadyrov, head of Chechnya since 2007, expressed the hope that he will go to the forthcoming elections. The term of office of Kadyrov on a post of the head of the Republic ended on 5 April. Kadyrov says that she has not yet decided whether to run for another term, but assured that the government is not holding up.

“When I was (in 2007) acting head of Chechnya, when I was appointed, I gathered all Chechens outside of the Chechen Republic that something, somewhere was involved, wanted to be leaders of this region. I invited everybody, say: I was appointed, I am acting while, I am inviting you all. Take any part of the show program. If you want, city, industry, agriculture – any direction I give you. Most importantly, show the program and what you want to do for the people. If you do not participate, do not interfere” — says Kadyrov.

According to him, if he was not then certain that it will solve all the issues facing the Republic, he would not have become the head of Chechnya. “And after that almost all help. 99.9% of our business policy. All help, participate, absolutely no one bothers,” says the head of the Republic.

And now, according to him, anyone can come to Chechnya, to show the program. “Now, I swear by Allah, if he be able with his team to make the ruble more to do for the people and for the region, we quickly leave all this. Therefore, we do not cling to this power, chair. We never dreamed about it. Just as fate we got here,” said Kadyrov.

In recognition of the 39-year-old Kadyrov, after “half a life presidency” he would like to live differently. “What? I have family there, I want to live a normal, peaceful life,” Kadyrov said.