The U.S. government has declared a months-long delays of salaries to militants

According to the Washington Post, citing representatives of the American authorities, for the first time since the beginning of anti-terrorist operations in Syria and Iraq, there was evidence of serious financial problems on the territory controlled by “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). This led to mutual feuds between warlords, who accuse each other of corruption, theft and the incorrect manual.

According to intelligence agencies, money problems led to the fact that many of the mercenaries in half cut payments, Deserters say that some units had not received their wages. To compensate for the losses the militants are trying due to the increased taxes on business and the civilian population living in the occupied territories.

In Washington the situation is explained by the result of air strikes on the places of oil extraction, and cash stores that use terrorists. According to the exploration, oil production has declined by about a third. In addition to the falling revenues of ISIS were influenced by the decline in world oil prices.

“For the first time can confidently talk about the financial war against ISIS,” said Daniel Glaser, the Deputy head of the U.S. Treasury responsible for combating the financing of terrorism. However, he stressed that the militants are still a lot of money

March 25 US authorities have reported the destruction in Syria, Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Kaduli, considered the second man in the hierarchy of the IG. He was responsible for group financing and economic policy on the territory controlled by the militants.