The Saratov court has stopped manufacture under the claim to Putin

The arbitration court of Saratov region terminated the proceedings on the statement of claim of the resident of the city of Balakovo Nicholas Suvorov, who demanded the resignation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This is stated in the definition, which is published in the files of arbitration cases.

The judgement States that, in accordance with Chapter 4 of the Constitution, the President is empowered, which is his prerogative, therefore, the courts “may not interfere in its activities”. The court also recalled that the head of state has immunity, so to bring him to justice, including criminal, impossible. The decision also noted that arbitration only of subordinate matters connected with realisation of enterprise and other economic activities.

Ultimately, the court concluded that this dispute is not subject to consideration in arbitration proceedings, and terminated the proceedings.

Earlier on Thursday it became known that Saratov arbitration made a complaint to Putin and Suvorov was appointed on April 28 preliminary hearing.

Resident Balakovo appealed to the court “on the dismissal of V. Putin from his post as an enemy of the people, the friend of oligarchs and officials, the looting of Russia and the impoverishment of the Russian people, for razbogatel officials, bankers, billionaires-robbers” on 11 March this year, however, the Tribunal left it sitting.

Later, the court found that “the circumstances constituting the basis for leaving of the statement without movement”, were eliminated and made the statement to the production.